Wooly Brontodon

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Wooly Brontodon


Wooly Brontodon.png


  •  Tusk sweep
  •  Charge attack
  •  Boulder throwing
Found In:
  •  Antarctica


The Wooly Brontodon is a relative of the regular Brontodon that is only found in Antarctica. They are similar in size to a normal Brontodon, but are covered in thick hair in order to survive in the frigid climate. In addition to the visual difference, Wooly Brontodons are much more aggressive. Unlike normal Brontodons which are docile until attacked, Wooly Brontodons attack players on sight. Given their high damage and health, this aggressive behavior makes them much more dangerous than standard Brontodons, especially when encountered in groups.

Wooly Brontodons are found naturally roaming around Antarctica alongside Glacial Aranhas. They are also one of the few types of creatures that spawn to attack Thumpers in Antarctica.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups

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