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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1859. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Chosen watchtower.png
A Watchtower controlled by the Chosen


Watchtowers can be found all over New Eden and are small strongholds that can be recaptured/defended by the Accord with the help of players. It projects a radar area that is slightly bigger than the one generated by SIN Uplink towers. To activate this functionality the player only need to be near the Watchtower, no further interaction needed.

Every Watchtower comes with:

Additionally every Accord-controlled Watchtower works as a spawning point for players.

The player will be informed by Aero if a Tower under attack by the Chosen or under Chosen control is nearby.

AERO: Help Defend the friendly Outpost.
AERO: Join the attack on the nearby Enemy Outpost.
AERO: There's a nearby Enemy Outpost. How about you go take it back

Existing Watchtowers:

  • Watchtower: Centauri Foray
  • Watchtower: Jacob's Pass
  • Watchtower: Biosphere Research Facility
  • Watchtower: Broken Shores
  • Watchtower: Praia Tropical
  • Watchtower: Sunken Pass
  • Watchtower: Stonewall
  • Watchtower: Lagoa Rasa
  • Watchtower: Thump Dump
  • Watchtower: Harbor Road
  • Watchtower: Esqueleto Beach

Possible Events

While undertaking the reclamation of an Chosen controlled tower, there are several events that can happen.

  • Tanken Assault: Multiple Tanken arcporting into the tower start to try to take it over. [1]
  • Aranha Infestation: hoards of Aranhas spawn outside of the tower and start to attack anything in it[2]
  • Chosen Bomb: A bomb is suddenly arcported in by the Chosen. It has to be defused after destroying its shielding devices.[3]


Watchtower defense: Watchtower reclamation:



  1. Bandit Tower Attack
  2. Aranha Tower Attack
  3. Chosen Bomb