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Warbringer whole.png
A shielded Warbringer with fortifications and Chosen


Incursions are a major dynamic World Events that occur in Devil's Tusk and normally take a group to complete. When approaching one, an Accord Soldier will inform the player with a radio call:

Accord Soldier: Calling all active units, this is Accord Copa control. The Chosen are fortifying near your location. Take them out. The Accord will compensate you for your contributions.
Accord Soldier: This is Accord Copa control. Please be advised, the Chosen have fortified the area you are currently in. Either kill them or get out of the way. Over:

The Incursion itself is a fortified area with a Warbringer and Chosen. The fortifications consist of 2 Chosen Bifold Cannons and 4 Warbringer Generators that shield the Warbringer itself.

In an Incursion, the Accord will call down an Accord Shield Disruptor after the area has been cleared of all Chosen. The Shield Disruptor has to be activated and protected for 1 minute, after which it will disable the shield around one of the Generators, allowing it to be destroyed. This pattern will repeat until all generators have been taken out and the Warbringer itself can be destroyed.

Note: if the Shield Disruptor gets destroyed, a new one will be called down after a few minutes.


Finished with only one Shield Disruptor: Finished with multiple Shield Disruptors: