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Job Board Voucher System Retired

  • The Job Board Voucher system has been replaced by Reputation Points. Job Board Vouchers no longer exist in game.


Currently, vouchers come with the completion of seasonal events. The events vary on duration, type, and timing. For example, there has been a racing challenge, a gliding challenge, a toxic Arahna even, and other seasonal events for Halloween, Winter Holiday, etc. The vouchers can then be traded with a seasonal faction vendor for specialty or seasonally exclusive items. The locations for such vendors vary as well as the cost of such items.

Omnidyne-M Vouchers

These vouchers were earned previously by completing Hazardous Research-events and had their own vendors. At the moment the events are not active and their vendors are removed. It is possible that it will be activated again or that new events will be added that reward players with these vouchers.