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The Varant (formerly known as the Salamander) is a large amphibian that inhabits various regions areas around New Eden


From the official page [1]:

While the Melding has twisted numerous creatures into unrecognizable, violent beasts, the Varant has undergone a relatively tame metamorphosis. In fact, to the casual observer the only major change that the amphibian has undergone is its size. The Melding-touched Varants seen roaming the wide open spaces of New Eden are significantly larger than their smaller cousins. Smaller Varants grow to be a meter or longer in length, and there have been numerous reports of them growing upwards of three-meters in length or even larger.
Although their size is the most obvious change, it isn’t the only alteration Varants have experienced. Varants have been seen in many different colors, and it’s believed that they are actually capable of changing their colors to suit their surroundings. Some Varants have also been recorded in the wild with bone spikes protruding from its head, while others have been seen with a flattened head, almost like a hammerhead shark. Accord scientists believe that the level of mutation is determined by the Varant’s exposure to the Melding, and have begun to collect the few untainted amphibians that remain – but for what purpose remains unknown.
While their appearance may not strike fear into the hearts of New Eden’s citizens, they are still a dangerous predator. One unique property of the Varant is its ability to adapt to its environment. Not only can they change their skin color, Varants also are able to protect themselves by expelling gasses or liquids based on their environment. In a wet environment a Varant may spew a high-pressured liquid at its enemy, while that same Varant in an arid climate will engulf its prey in a burning gas.
Some Varants are capable of getting the drop on their prey. The amphibians are surprisingly quick for their size, and they are able to burrow long distances to strike at their target from underground. However, because of their physical limitations, Varants are only known to burrow in areas with soft, loose soil. The Accord has notified its citizens that, when confronting a Varant, to keep your distance and, if possible, avoid direct contact altogether.

In-game behavior

Varants mostly charge their prey and engage it in close range combat afterwards.

Types and Subspecies

Ash Dragon
Ash Dragon
Toxic Varant
Toxic Varant
Melded Varant
Melded Varant