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This article has been a stub since 01 Jan 1970.

This page will be expanded eventually. For now, a few of the basics are listed.

Personalizing your HUD

There are three categories of interface adjustments:

  • Location and scale of HUD items
  • Interface details
  • Addons and Mods

Note: There is also a 'UI Glow Effect' setting under video settings.

Location and scale of HUD items

Most of the UI's static 'HUD' elements can be modified through the options menu.

  1. Press Esc.
  2. Seclect Options.
  3. Select Interface.
  4. Click the 'minimize' button on the pop up window
  5. Drag HUD items around to your liking

You can move all of the outlined elements by dragging & dropping, and use the scroll wheel to scale them.

Interface Details

You can access the individual HUD item settings by clicking the appropriate name in the 'Interface' window that's centered on the screen.

Addons and Mods

Addons and Mods can be found in the official FireFall Addon subforum. There is a stickied master list, but also others posted that have not yet made it to the list.

A large number of these addons are designed to adjust and customize the interface. There is a large variety to choose from.

Once installed, you will see the addon listed under Options in the Addons section. Many addons also have chat commands.