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  • Add new enemies from campaign (Done, although information is lacking)
  • Mark some creatures as removed/deprecated (Done, I think I marked all of them)
  • Change login rewards
  • Update skills (e.g. Healing Dome and Emergency Response) and weapons (Shock Rail) affected by reworks (Done, I think I got all the affected frames
  • Add Affected By Perks section to weapons and skills
  • Re-format and add info to the Consumable page.
  • Add all new creatures <- This will be my focus until done. I have a large list compiled already, but I wanted to check some things with R5 before posting. No reply yet.

Specific things

  • Particle Beam needs to have its cooldown component added (see 1745 patch notes)
  • Charged pulse generator's health can now be modified starting at stage II (see 1745 patch notes)
  • Eruption rounds has duration needs to have duration component added (see 1745 patch notes)

Things to ask Pez

  • Removed creatures
  • Sniper/Shock Trooper portals
  • Creature screenshots

Links for clarifying stats: