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Hi all, my name is Mark, I'm 41 and I live in Columbia, Mo.

I first downloaded FF shortly after it came out, got distracted with other games for a few months, and then picked it back up in the Fall of 2014.

I got my Engineer to about lvl 33 and then my 8800gt video card died, so I quit playing until a few weeks ago. Now I've got a 6790, but I still have a 7, pushing 8 year old dual core computer!

I've finally got some money to spend so now I'll be shopping around for a new system and looking forward to playing in better quality. Right now, my fps drops to as low as 3 in big BK battles! And that is with all settings on super low.

Anyway, I like doing a little wiki editing here and there, and some of this wiki still has beta info in it! We still have new players coming in evveryday, and much of the wiki is in not in good shape for them.

Looking forward to the next patch!