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Contacting me

I regularly check the forums at, so your best bet is to start a conversation with me there. That will also send a notification to my email.

To Do

  • CSS classes for tables, to ensure consistent appearance, in keeping with the site's color scheme.
  • Update MediaWiki:Sidebar
  • Templates for each major category, to allow for 'Single Source of Truth', and data/formatting reuse in eg. battleframe pages (as is currently done with perks).
  • Overview tables for each major category (multiple tables, representing data in different ways).
  • Page footer toolbars, common and per category, using icons/tooltips to keep size down and data density up.
  • XMind mindmap to show a suggested hierarchy for the site's pages.
  • Imagemapped maps for each zone, linking to POIs/ARES mission sites/etc.


During Beta

  • Created original API Functions page
  • Uploaded icons for battleframes (colored versions from garage UI) and perks (converted from .dds files included with game client).
  • Converted Perk page over to a table format using the uploaded icons, using tooltips for the decriptions.
  • Converted Perk page table over to use a set of templates for cells, allowing relevant parts of the table to be displayed in Category:Battleframes pages.
  • Created Template:Perk
  • Copied basic perk data from the Perk table into all the individual pages for eack perk, using the new tamplate.
  • Added Perk and individual pages to Category:Perks
  • Added the perk icons to Category:Perk_Images, and that category to Category:Images
  • Added the colored battleframe icons to Category:Battleframe_Icons
  • Modified Template:Perk to duplicate the values submitted to the template into properties that may be referenced from other pages, eg. {{#show: Knockout ?PerkDesc# - }}
  • Data in the Perk table is now built using just the name of the perk, and having Template:Perk_table_cell_perk pull the rest in from the individual perk page's properties. This ensures 'single source of truth' where all perk data throughout the wiki can be changed by modifying a single individual page per perk, or the perk template for data that covers several, such as perk point costs for each stage/level.


  • Uploaded icons for new perks/perks that changed name/perks that changed icon.
  • Updated Perks table to match available perks in 1.0, reclassification and renaming.
  • Updated Template:Perk_table_cell_perk and Template:Perk to support additional perk types.
  • Updated all the individual perk pages.
  • Added the Agile perk to the overview table, and uploaded an icon for it.


  • Created page Ability, which will eventually replace Skill, once we've got all the table formatting, CSS and templates sorted. Also created the Category:Abilities
  • Added Category:DeprecatedContent and Template:DeprecatedContent. Modded Template:Perk to make use of the {{#vardefine:DeprecatedPage|true}} in deciding whether to add the perk page to the perk category, or disable this by making it just a link to the perk category.
  • Used the above on the deprecated perks (and a couple of pages that showed up in a search for deprecated)
  • Added table classes to Mediawiki:Common.css that match the color scheme used on forums, along with a few other tweaks.
  • Created Template:Ability. Will need to add code to handle current data, as it's currently just got the old SkillBox code in it.


Classes (as used in the battleframe icon in the garage)

  • Dreadnaught = rgb(60,178,255) #3CB2FF
  • Assault = rgb(255,100,28) #FF641C
  • Biotech = rgb(189,226,56) #BDE238
  • Engineer = rgb(251,201,6) #FBC906
  • Recon = rgb(148,113,206) #9471CE


  • Basic = rgb(149,242,133) #95F285
  • Intermediate = rgb(244,249,147) #F4F993
  • Advanced = rgb(137,137,249) #8989F9
  • Master = rgb(255,176,66) #FFB042

Item Quality

  • Purple = #ca4ff8
  • Blue = #4295f8
  • Green = #6cca5b
  • White = #f8f8f8

Sample colors from forums

  • Links 05b3d2
  • Text dcdcdc
  • Header Text f3ae00
  • Header Background 2f230e
  • Forum section background 172121
  • Search box background 2e3333
  • Forum post background = gradient from 2e3333 to 161c1c
  • Poll title text 1f7c8f
  • Next page button background 015469
  • Latest post background on forum listing 111717
  • Text entry box on thread 242f30

Guidelines for Image Submissions

Most of the game UI images can be found as .dds files in your game folder.

The program XnView may be used to browse the Firefall folders (including the ones in your Users folder, where the cache is stored) for .dds files, and it includes a search function to save having to look for images one folder at a time. XnView however can't convert the .dds files over to .png format while preserving transparency. The Compressonator can be used to batch convert .dds files over to .png though.

Try to name uploaded files in a descriptive manner, paying attention to classification. This makes it easier to understand what an image is of when browsing the list of uploaded files, and avoids potential naming conflicts in future, which can cause problems when images are being automatically inserted into templates. eg, use names like:

  • icon_battleframe_electron.png
  • icon_ability_firecat_inferno_dash.png
  • icon_weapon_primary_tigerclaw_fusion_cannon.png
  • icon_weapon_secondary_assault_rifle.png
  • image_creature_brontodon.png
  • image_creature_chosen_juggernaut.png
  • image_vehicle_lgv_chopper.png
  • image_location_thump_dump.png
  • ui_battleframe_garage_frame.png
  • ui_battleframe_garage_perks.png

Test Code 1

Display data from another page: Increases damage of melee attack by 20%, and adds a chance to stun the target

Test Code 2

Class Restricted To Cooldown based abilities
(slots 1,2,3)
HKM / Charge based ability
(slot 4)
Assault Any Assault
Biotech Any Biotech
Dreadnaught Any Dreadnaught
Engineer Any Engineer
Recon Any Recon

Test Code 3


Note: hover the mouse over the perk icons to display perk descriptions.

Starting Perks Unlocked Perks
(cost 1 perk points)
(cost 1 or 2 perk points)
Class Basic/Frame Unlock/Passive
(cost 1 perk points)
Basic/Level 10
(cost 1 perk points)
Intermediate/Level 20
(cost 2 perk points)
Advanced/Level 30
(cost 5 perk points)
Master/Level 40
(cost 8 perk points)
Icon perk basic neutralizer.png Neutralizer Icon perk achievement chosen hunter.png Chosen Hunter Icon battleframe assault.png Accord Assault Icon perk passive assault nanites.png Nanite Absorption Icon perk basic quick-flexing servos.png Quick-Flexing Servos Icon perk intermediate plasma enthusiast.png Plasma Enthusiast Icon perk advanced invigorate.png Invigorate Icon perk master second wind.png Second Wind
Icon perk basic incalescent armor.png Incalescent Armor Icon perk achievement agile.png Agile Icon battleframe biotech.png Accord Biotech Icon perk passive siphoning unit.png Siphoning Unit Icon perk basic persistence.png Persistence Icon perk intermediate bio blending.png Bio Blending Icon perk advanced catalytic poisons.png Catalytic Poisons Icon perk master toxic finale.png Toxic Finale
Icon perk basic powered armor.png Powered Armor Icon perk achievement trickster.png Trickster Icon battleframe dreadnaught.png Accord Dreadnaught Icon perk passive resilient plating.png Resilient Plating Icon perk basic get a move on.png Get a Move On Icon perk intermediate knockout.png Knockout Icon perk advanced deflection plating.png Deflection Plating Icon perk master hellbent.png Hellbent
Icon perk basic kinetic absorption.png Kinetic Absorption Icon battleframe engineer.png Accord Engineer Icon perk passive repairing nanites.png Repairing Nanites Icon perk basic fuel injectors.png Fuel Injectors Icon perk intermediate resonating shields.png Resonating Shields Icon perk advanced mounted firepower.png Mounted Firepower Icon perk master hyper kinesis surge.png Hyper Kinesis Surge
Icon perk basic sprinter.png Sprinter Icon battleframe recon.png Accord Recon Icon perk passive recon nanites.png Regenerative Plating Icon perk basic head hunter.png Head Hunter Icon perk intermediate sin precision.png SIN Precision Icon perk advanced tactician.png Tactician Icon perk master energy spikes.png Energy Spikes
Icon perk basic prototype pistons.png Prototype Pistons Icon battleframe firecat.png Firecat Icon perk passive incinerator.png Incinerator Icon perk basic collateral analytics.png Collateral Analytics Icon perk intermediate epicenter.png Epicenter Icon perk advanced corpse combustion.png Corpse Combustion Icon perk master flame buffer.png Flame Buffer
Icon perk basic fast hands.png Fast Hands Icon battleframe tigerclaw.png Tigerclaw Icon perk passive auxiliary tanks.png Auxiliary Tanks Icon perk basic quick hands.png Quick Hands Icon perk intermediate quick-pivot servos.png Quick-Pivot Servos Icon perk advanced eye of the tiger.png Eye of the Tiger Icon perk master hunter.png Hunter
Icon perk basic micro melding repulsor.png Micro Melding Repulsor Icon battleframe dragonfly.png Dragonfly Icon perk passive rally.png Rally Icon perk basic bio reserves.png Bio Reserves Icon perk intermediate frequent patient.png Frequent Patient Icon perk advanced combat medic.png Combat Medic Icon perk master auto-repair.png Auto-Repair
Icon battleframe recluse.png Recluse Icon perk passive necrotic poison.png Necrotic Poison Icon perk basic virus.png Virus Icon perk intermediate necrotic bite.png Necrotic Bite Icon perk advanced potent toxins.png Potent Toxins Icon perk master anatomy lessons.png Anatomy Lessons
Icon battleframe arsenal.png Arsenal Icon perk passive munitions.png Munitions Icon perk basic combat veteran.png Combat Veteran Icon perk intermediate stopping power.png Stopping Power Icon perk advanced fully loaded.png Fully Loaded Icon perk master explosives expert.png Explosives Expert
Icon battleframe mammoth.png Mammoth Icon perk passive imminent threat.png Imminent Threat Icon perk basic harden.png Harden Icon perk intermediate shields up.png Shields Up Icon perk advanced thick hide.png Thick Hide Icon perk master health surge.png Health Surge
Icon battleframe rhino.png Rhino Icon perk passive personal shield.png Personal Shield Icon perk basic back in action.png Back in Action Icon perk intermediate stampede.png Stampede Icon perk advanced kill stealer.png Kill Stealer Icon perk master hero.png Hero
Icon battleframe bastion.png Bastion Icon perk passive overseer.png Overseer Icon perk basic hardware genius.png Hardware Genius Icon perk intermediate resilient alloys.png Resilient Alloys Icon perk advanced sentient armor.png Sentient Armor Icon perk master deployable repulsor.png Deployable Repulsor
Icon battleframe electron.png Electron Icon perk passive dynamic relay.png Dynamic Relay Icon perk basic combustion boost.png Combustion Boost Icon perk intermediate augmented shield generators.png Augmented Shield Generators Icon perk advanced high yield capacitors.png High Yield Capacitors Icon perk master rapid kinesis assemblage.png Rapid Kinesis Assemblage
Icon battleframe nighthawk.png Nighthawk Icon perk passive ambush.png Ambush Icon perk basic ballistics expert.png Ballistics Expert Icon perk intermediate spec. ops.png Spec. Ops Icon perk advanced sure shot.png Sure Shot Icon perk master concussion shells.png Concussion Shells
Icon battleframe raptor.png Raptor Icon perk passive conduit.png Conduit Icon perk basic grenadier.png Grenadier Icon perk intermediate physicist.png Physicist Icon perk advanced energy shaping.png Energy Shaping Icon perk master arcing bolts.png Arcing Bolts

example category hierarchy

  • Equipment
    • Battleframes
      • Assault
        • Accord Assault
        • Firecat
        • Tigerclaw
      • Biotech
        • Accord Biotech
        • Dragonfly
        • Recluse
      • Dreadnaught
        • Accord Dreadnaught
        • Arsenal
        • Mammoth
        • Rhino
      • Engineer
        • Accord Engineer
        • Bastion
        • Electron
      • Recon
        • Accord Recon
        • Nighthawk
        • Raptor
    • Weapons
      • Primary Weapons
      • Secondary Weapons
    • Abilities (NOT Skills)
      • Standard Abilities
      • HKMs
    • Modules
      • Ability Modules
      • Weapon Modules
    • Battleframe Cores
  • Creatures
    • Animals
    • Humanoids
    • Robots
  • Factions
    • The Accord
    • The Chosen
    • Bandits
    • Corporations
      • Astrek
      • Kisuton
      • Omnidyne
    • Shepherds
  • Vehicles
    • Player Vehicles
      • LGVs
      • MGVs
      • Gliders
    • Dropships
    • Chosen Vehicles
      • Darkslip
      • Drop Pod


Pretty neat solution :3 Especially for the frame pages >< - Minosha (talk) 09:57, 23 February 2014 (EST)

Wiki status and access questions

Hi, I wanted to see if I could get in touch with you about the wiki. I've begun putting in some time on it and want to continue to do so, however, I have spoken with wiki user Weableandbob and he says that he is unable to get in touch with any of the admins.

He is concerned that the wiki might end up being lost if the staff has all bailed out, and I'm concerned about that too. While there is a lot of outdated info there, there is also a lot of good info, plus what I've been adding. I know a lot of people have just decided to wait for the new patch, but this is still quite aways off and a good wiki is really needed now. There are new players asking lots of questions in the game everyday.

I left a message on Al's wiki page but haven't heard back from him. I would like to know if the hosting and admin access to the wiki is secure, such that the work won't be lost. Also, the main page needs some editing and that is admin access only.

I would also like to make a request for slightly elevated access so that I could edit the main page, as well as clean out the spam pages that are still getting posted by bots. I think some simple adjusting to the posting process might cut down on the spam, too, although I may not have the technical know how to make those changes...just depends on how it's implemented.

Thanks. Spaceboy (talk) 00:36, 28 October 2015 (EDT)