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Back from vacation! I've written a few scripts for myself to help speed up Spam-blacklist population; if you want to use these scripts yourself (they should work with any wiki with some minor alterations) just let me know. - lycan.nick (talk) 19:10, 9 January 2015 (EST)
Bonus update! While still requiring some human input (specifically, the usernames of spammers), my scripts can now block and delete pages as me. Just tested on a batch of ten spammers and their "contributions", and it's working very well! If you want the bash scripts for use on your own wiki, feel free to ask!

lycan.nick (talk) 10:32, 24 February 2015 (EST)
Fixed a few bugs in the scripts. Should be working fine now.

lycan.nick (talk) 19:46, 24 February 2015 (EST)


You can see what I do on the forums via my forum profile.

I've been a fairly active member of the Firefall community since Nov 15, 2010. I found out about the game from MMOSite, who just happened to have a short article about Firefall. As I had been trying to find a multiplayer game to fill my F2P MMORPG void (and I've gone through quite the list) I decided to check it out.

And I've been hooked ever since.

A courtesy notice to spammers and spambots

Please die in a fire. You're wasting my time and your own, since this wiki has rel=nofollow turned on for outgoing links. If you don't know what nofollow is and still want to persist in SEO, you should be taken out to pasture and shot. Repeatedly. With a .50-cal rifle. While doused in gasoline and lit on fire. Being dangled over the magma chamber of an active volcano.

The internet is full of stupid people. If you're an SEO spammer trying to spam on this wiki, you are among the dumbest of the stupid people. We have a long history of deleting spam and banning spammers on this wiki. We've set up properties that explicitly tell search engines to ignore your SEO spam. What makes you think your spam will actually be effective? It's sure not effective on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Save yourself some time and effort; throw your computer out the window and live a life of quiet, technology-less contemplation in the middle of the Siberian tundra or some other equally remote location.

Go away, spammers.

Current movement on the warfront

See User:Lycan.nick/Planning for details.

For spam-related activity, see User:Lycan.nick/Spam.

re: spambots

We are currently suffering a large influx of spambots. I unfortunately don't have shell access or bureaucrat user rights to the wiki, so anything that I have the ability to do is a stopgap measure at best.

The best I can do right now is delete spam pages, ban spammers, and protect critical pages. Unfortunately that doesn't do much in stopping spammers from creating new pages to spam on or editing their own page or talk page; ideally someone with bureaucrat rights and/or shell access would poke in periodically and straighten things out, but I haven't seen anyone with bureaucrat or shell access lately.

MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist and MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist

I have begun using the blacklist and whitelist added by Extension:SpamBlacklist as an anti-spam measure. If there's any spam that doesn't get handled within 72 hours, please notify me on my talk page and I'll see as soon as I return.

If you know how to write regex, please add your regex suggestions and reasoning on User:Lycan.nick/Spam/Blacklist or User:Lycan.nick/Spam/Whitelist. Thanks!

Wiki policy

I am not the sole arbiter of wiki policy.

If you object to some aspects of wiki policy, please bring it to the attention of the admins and bureaucrats. My talk page seems to be the central hub for discussing wiki policy because of my significant activity, but I don't decide wiki policy on my own.

Maybe sometime I'll set up a water cooler page over in the Wiki: namespace to house general discussions, but for now I'm okay with people using my talk page as a gathering place for discussion.

Personal opinions on current policy issues


I do not delete articles if, at any point in its existence, the article in question provided current and factual information. This is because the wiki's history-keeping functions can be used to recreate the wiki's state at any point in time, and as such development history of a game can be tracked via the wiki's edit history.

In general, I only delete spam. Other deletion requests are taken on a case-by-case basis; in most cases, I will refuse deletion requests and recommend archival instead. I'll be making a Template:Archive/Category:Archived/etc. when I have time and some graphics to go along with it; until then, move pages to a "/Archive" subpage and leave an HTML comment telling me where the page was archived.

Apologies if my opinion is one you're not accustomed to, but it's in the interest of keeping links-to-wiki working smoothly, which is in the interest of all content creators and hosters on the internet.

Wiki account status and contact policy

I am an administrator on this wiki. I'm responsible for doing things that regular users aren't trusted to do, like removing spam, protecting sensitive pages, and banning offending users. In other words, I do things you'd expect a forum moderator to do.

If you have any questions, feel free to post your question on my talk page.

Appeals for blocks

If I did not set your block, you should not make your appeal to me. Make your appeal to the administrator that blocked you. I will not hear your appeal unless the blocking administrator requests my involvement.

If I set your block and disallowed you from editing your own talk page, you will need to contact me privately to restore that permission. I can be found as "lycan_nick" in the #firefallwiki channel on the GlobalGamers IRC network ( Tell me your wiki account name, and request that you be allowed to edit your talk page. The appeal process can then continue as detailed below once I have modified your block.

Otherwise, create a new topic on your talk page, title it "re: block set by lycan.nick", and give your reason for why you should be unblocked. I will generally request other wiki editors to comment before coming to a decision. When the issue is closed, I will archive the discussion in my talk page's archives.

Public Resources page is now online!

Check User:Lycan.nick/Public Resources for more details.

#firefallwiki on GlobalGamers

Seriously. Join us.

About me

  • I am an undergrad in college studying computer science.
  • In my spare time, I'm a fiction writer, mostly in the sci-fi genre.
  • Currently living in California.
  • Firefall army-wise, I belong to The Drunkard's Companion, led by Hrockle. I'm First Mate, of which responsibilities I have not yet been assigned.
  • I am pursuing a career in computer science and software engineering, although I am familiar with basic mechanical and electrical systems as well.
  • I like music. A lot. You can check out my tastes in music at my profile.

Contacting me

I don't like putting my email out on the open web, as I have been having a spam problem with my email lately. That being said, I'm perfectly happy with people sending me a PM over the forums or dropping me a /q or a memo over IRC in the GlobalGamers network. You can find me as "lycan_nick" over on GG in the #firefall and #firefallwiki channels. You can also notify me with a message on my talk page here, although I may not respond as quickly.