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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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There are many ways to get around the vast world of Firefall.


This is the standard method of travel. You can sprint by engaging your sprint key (normally Shift). Doing so will increase your speed, but also increase the time it takes to start firing your weapon. Your speed can be enhanced by:


You have the ability to engage your jump-jets when jumping. Press and hold the Jump key (normally Space Bar) to activate your jets. Pressing your sprint key whilst jetting boosts your jets, resulting in an increased momentum in the direction of travel. "Air-Sprinting" will result in your jet energy being used more quickly.


See Glider Pads for more details. Gliding is a very effective means of long distance travel around areas where you have somewhere to jet up a mountain to put down a Glider Pad. Speed is dependent on your angle of decent, however a smaller angle of decent and therefore lower speed is more efficient at getting you further.


There are three main types of Dropships in FireFall. They all tend to be generically referred to as 'dropships', regardless of their different functions.

  • Mobile dropship in Coral Forest for transporting around the zone.

  • Stationary dropships designed for specific missions

  • Stationary dropships designed for transport to other zones

There are also non-functional, cosmetic-only dropships throughout the game. All functional dropships will display an 'E' inside a circle as you stand next to the dropship, just like you find with LGV's and all interactive terminals in the game.

Moving Zone

Mobile Dropship in Coral Forest

Multiple dropships provide transport between four hubs in Coral Forest. These dropships have two routes, one clockwise, and the other, counter-clockwise. Both routes take a different path, although in some parts, both ships will pass fairly close to each other.

The routes are not straight shots, and also do not fly near each town. The actual path of the routes, as well as the elongated, circular landing and takeoff procedure, can make it appear initially as if the player is going the wrong direction, but the the ships never deviate and the timing is constant. The route of each ship is posted above the ship. Check this listing before boarding the ship to make sure which route you will be on.

Dropship Landing Pad Locations

  • Copacabana: Located in the far northwest corner of Copa at high elevation. This can be confused with the stationary mission dropship located in the southwest corner of town.

  • Thump Dump: Located in the southern most part of town, at ground level.

  • Trans Hub: Located in the southern end of town, on an elevated platform.

  • Sunken Harbor: Located in the southeast corner of town, on an elevated platform. It is near the Arcporter.

The dropship is only on the landing pad for about 5 seconds, and there is no way to delay its' take off. However, the landing and takeoff procedure is more lengthy, and so it is possible to use jump jets, or even a glider, to get close enough to board the dropship. The boarding range is appx. 5-10 meters.

Even though there are only four official stops, you can always board the ship while it is in flight if you can get close enough to it. There are certain locations around the map where it is possible to jump or glide near the dropship and press the 'E' key to board it. One must time it just right to make this work. If you're in a glider, you must exit the glider as you near the ship in order for the 'E' key to work.

One of these areas where it is possible to board the dropship while in flight is the landing pad in Shanty Town (counter-clockwise route only). This landing pad also has its' own dropship, but it is the one for transporting to Sertao, and never physically moves in the game. The player can jump or glide off of this pad when the dropship comes very close.

Stationary Dropships

  • Dropship to Dredge in Shanty Town and vice versa. This is located near and above the Job Board. Visually, this dropship never moves in the game. When boarding this ship, the player will see a FireFall loading screen as the Sertao Zone is loaded.

  • Dropship in Copa that gives access to Areas outside of Coral Forest, direct access to missions on the Mission Ledger and Cliff's Edge. It is located in the southwest portion of Copa, at the highest elevation in the town. Visually, this ship has two parts to its' function. Those who are not on board the ship, will never see it leave the pad, but those on board for a mission, will see their ship taking flight.


  • LGV Single occupant fast light ground vehicle
  • MGV Two occupant 4x4 medium ground vehicle