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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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The Thumper is a Calldown which is summoned by players with a beacon dropped on a resource node for Thumping the ground. After landing at the designated position, it immediately starts to automatically set itself up and mine.

Although a thumper can be called to any place with enough vertical clearance and sufficiently level ground (including shallow water), it will only be summoned if there are resources available to mine in the current node. Suitable mining locations can be found by surveying the area with a Scan Hammer.

The Thumper's rather noisy behavior attracts nearby aggressive wildlife (especially Aranhas), leading to the conflict seen in the first gameplay trailer[1]. The types of wildlife spawned is influenced by the thumping location.

Oilspill: There's just one thing you need to know about thumpers. They're loud and notorious about irritating the wildlife. So make sure to keep it guarded from aranhas or anything worse or you'll be shopping for a new thumper.

They are launched from Thump Dump with a large ramp launcher and return there again for unloading. Thumpers that have reached 100% capacity go back on their own after a short delay (~2 minutes). Players can send a thumper back early by interacting with it, even if the thumper is still mining. If the thumper is able to reach 100% capacity, it will yield double resources and an XP bonus for the defending squad. A passing player can locate squads thumping nearby (if the player is connected to the SIN tower in that region) and can join in the defense without needing to be a member of the defending squad. The SIN Icon will detail what kind of thumper is being used, as well as what resource is being mined. Assisting with a thump earns the player a reward of resources from the Accord.

Thumpers have a limited amount of hitpoints, as well as a limited resource capacity. There are various sizes of thumper. An increase in resource capacity also increases the thumper's HP and the difficulty of hostile spawns that attack the thumper.

Thumpers with different cosmetic qualities can be printed, but function identically to their standard looking counter parts.

Thumper Types

Thumpers in the the Personal family are designed for 1-2 players. Resources gathered by a Personal Thumper are split between the members of the defending squad. For example, if a two-person squad recalled a Stock Personal Thumper at full capacity, the base payout for each person would be 125 units of mined materials. Personal Thumpers come in four classes:

Capacity HP Bonus XP
Stock Personal Thumper 250250 resources 1500015,000 HP 30003,000 XP
Light Personal Thumper I 275275 resources 1500015,000 HP 30003,000 XP
Personal Thumper II 300300 resources 1800018,000 HP 30003,000 XP
Personal Thumper III 325325 resources 2200022,000 HP 40004,000 XP

Squad Thumpers are larger Thumpers intended for squads of 4-5 players. Resources gathered by a Squad thumper are distributed evenly among members of the defending squad. For example, if a Stock Squad Thumper is called back at full capacity, each squad member receives a base payout of 300 units of mined materials, no matter the squad size. Squad Thumpers also come in four classes:

Capacity HP Bonus XP
Stock Squad Thumper 300300 resources 1500015,000 HP 18001,800 XP
Squad Thumper I 325325 resources 1800018,000 HP 40004,000 XP
Squad Thumper II 350350 resources 2200022,000 HP 60006,000 XP
Squad Thumper III 375375 resources 5000050,000 HP 1000010,000 XP

Resources gained per person if the thumper reaches 100%
Personal Thumpers Squad thumpers
Squad size 1 2 3 4 5 1-5
Stock thumper 500 375 333 312 300 600
Light thumper(1) 550 412 366 343 330 650
Medium thumper(2) 600 450 400 375 360 700
Heavy thumper(3) 650 487 433 406 390 750

The game only divides the base capacity on the number of people in the squad. When the thumper gets to 100%, all members in the squad will get the thumper's capacity as a bonus. 1 player will get 250 resources and additionally 250 on completion with a stock personal thumper.

A player in a 2 player squad will get 250/2 = 125 resources and a bonus of 250 when the thumper reaches 100%, which gives a total of 375 resources with a stock personal thumper.


Name Time Crystite Research Points
Personal Thumper I 20s 2,000 1,000
Personal Thumper II 20s 7,500 2,500
Personal Thumper III 20s 25,000 7,500
Squad Thumper I 20s 4,000 2,000
Squad Thumper II 20s 15,000 5,000
Squad Thumper III 20s 50,000 15,000


Name Time Crystite Electronics Metals Hybrids
Stock Personal Thumper 1m 200 5 Copper Wiring
Personal Thumper I 10m 500 5 Semiconductors 10 Iron Bars
Personal Thumper II 20m 1,500 10 Crystatic Powercells 20 Tungsten Bars
Personal Thumper III 40m 5,000 20 Optical Coolers 40 Titanium Bars
Stock Squad Thumper 1m 30s 500 10 Copper Wiring
Squad Thumper I 15m 1,000 5 Semiconductors 10 Iron Bars 1 Synthetic Ligature
Squad Thumper II 30m 3,000 10 Crystatic Powercells 20 Tungsten Bars 2 Adaptive Fibers
Squad Thumper III 1h 10,000 20 Optical Coolers 40 Titanium Bars 4 Thermionic Tranformers

Cosmetic Types

  • Standard: The standard look for a thumper. Body is white with some red, green, and black components.
  • Tiki: Only available to players that have purchased a Founder's Pack. Body is brown with decorations such as tiki masks.

Lots of new voice over and feedback has been added to the thumper encounter.



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