The Olive Branch

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This is a mission on the Shanty Town Job Board


Legacy 35 Part IV - Scarlet and Wiley have unfinished business. Will it end in bloodshed and death, or can something be salvaged from this damaged relationship surrounding the legacy of ARES 35.


  • Wiley's Hiding Spot
    • Find the Rock
    • Eliminate 4 Hostiles
  • Rebel Hideout
    • Eliminate 10 Rebels
    • Eliminate Rebel Leader
  • Wiley's Cache
    • Activate 1 Target
    • Defeat the Terrorclaw
  • Bring Valuables to Scarlet
    • Eliminate 3 Rebels
    • Speak with Scarlet
  • Rescue Wiley
    • Defend for 00:02:00


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