The Journey of Emmanuel Almas

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The Journey of Emmanuel Almas (unofficial title) is a collection of articles written by reporter Emmanuel Almas as he journeys across New Eden. His goal is to document the trying times after the crash of the Arclight so that future humans on Earth and Alpha Prime will have an accurate recounting of what humanity had to go through. His articles include visits to various points of interest around New Eden as well as unexpected encounters with The Chosen and The Melding, titled "Nightmares from the Melding".



Sunken Harbor

Empire MacArthur

Fortaleza Antigua

Nautilus Science Facility

Arclight Fragment Base

Sigu's Sanctuary

Shanty Town

Nightmares from the Melding: My First Encounter

Chosen Fort: Over the Line

Nightmares from the Melding: Tortured Souls

Trans-Hub: the Heart of the Accord

Nightmares from the Melding: It Must Be Something in the Water

Helder's Mine: Just Below the Surface

Nightmares from the Melding: That Poor Brontodon

Moisture Farm: Like Squeezing Water From a Stone

Nightmares from the Melding: More Arms to Hug You With

Cerrado Plains: A Pleasant Void

Nightmares from the Melding: With Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth

Thump Dump: The Last Launch Site

Nightmares from the Melding: Going Against the Current

Nightmares from the Melding: Feeling the Vibrations…

Northern Shores: The Edge of the Safe Zone