The Firefall Timeline

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The Firefall Timeline is a series of historical articles released in December 2010 that revealed much of the history and lore behind the game's setting. Originally known as the Twelve Days of Firefall, the name was later changed when Orson Scott Card joined Red5 and rewrote much of the lore. The Timeline is "written" by historian Aris Holden, and covers almost 50 years of Firefall history.

The Firefall Timeline

Retconned Material

The pages below were removed from the official lore when Orson Scott Card rewrote the lore. They are original parts of the "12 Days of Firefall"; we have preserved them here for archival purposes.

  • Day 7 - 2233.72 "The Crystite Wars"
  • Day 8 - 2233.78 "The Crystite Wars"

Timeline of Events

  • External Alpha - Our earliest group of testers. We had exactly one PvP map available and only a few Battleframes...
  • PvP Maps - The doors were finally opened to the first registered forum members. It was a small group, and we still only played a single map at first.
  • Friends & Family - We opened up our testing group to a wider range of friends and family, still playing our only released map: Sunken Harbor.
  • Store Launched - We unveiled the first iteration of our online cash shop, and created the Founder's Program to help players support the success of Firefall
  • PvE Systems Test - During our PvE systems test, we opened up our first real PvE area around our starter town, Copacabana.
  • PvE Content - Monthly updates are planned, with extensive focus on filling the world with dynamic events and the beginnings of the Chosen War.
  • Chosen War - It will be possible to lose an entire shard to the Chosen, and the focus of the game will shift from simple progression and collecting resources, to fighting the war against humanity's greatest enemy.
  • Episodic Campaign - Firefall will feature a multi-episode, story driven campaign which players will drive through with their collective actions. The first episode, "Whispers in the Fog" is in heavy development
  • Open World PvP - An optional experience for those who prefer larger scale battles with hundreds of players and extensive use of vehicles.
  • Next? - What happens next is up to you. As always, we are open to the suggesttions and feedback of our players.