The Blood Rose

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The Bloody Rose is a Prototype Battleframe Core acquired from the Amazon Warzone reputation vendor. It is only usable by Biotech battleframes, and functions as a cross between a run speed and health regeneration core. Additionally, it causes any poison damage to debuff the enemy, making them take more damage from all sources.

Flavor Text and Bonuses

  • Only usable by Biotech archetype
  • While this core is equipped, dealing poison damage to enemies will cause them to take 5% increased damage from all sources for the next 5 seconds.

Roseluck's friends call her 'bloody' for a reason. She's been noted to take a sadistic glee from devising particularly potent poisons. This core has a program for one of her favorite formulas.

Base Stats

Level and Rarity Damage Increase Run Speed Health Regen Health Item Level
40 Rare 5% 0.8 m/s 50 HP/s 6700 HP 44