The 5th Son

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This is a mission on the Dredge Job Board


Securing the Contract Part III - Dexter Greer's hunt for Tanken upstart Gorou Kagame continues.


  • Meet Kazuo Mori
  • Locate Kagame's Men
    • Eliminate 12 Tanken
    • Incapacitate and Shackle the Tanken Enforcer
  • Locate Astrek Munitions
    • Activate 3 Targets
    • Eliminate 7 Hostiles
  • Locate Tanken Defector
  • Escort Tanken Defector to Dredge
  • Locate Kagame
    • Eliminate 12 Tanken
    • Incapacitate and Shackle Kagame
  • Meet Kazuo Mori