Tesla Rifle

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Tesla Rifle


"The Tesla Rifle fires a energy beam that builds up damage on its target over time. The alt-fire drains jet energy from enemies or repairs friendly deployables and vehicles."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Energy
Frame Restriction Engineer
Rate of Fire 50 ms/burst
Charge-Up Duration 1 seconds
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Magazine Size 150 ammo
Max Ammo 600
Range 25m


The Tesla Rifle is the Accord Engineer's signature weapon. Its default primary is to fire a short range, accurate beam, which deals damage on impact to its target. The longer a target is focused by the beam, the greater the damage done per tick and the more the charge bar fills. The charge bar drains while the player is not firing, and drains faster if the player fires but does not hit a target. Its secondary fire drains ammo to repair machines or steal jet energy from hostile players.

Drain Beam Secondary Fire

  • Deals no damage.
  • Uses ammo with same rate of fire.
  • Repairs structures.
  • Steals energy from opponents in PvP.

Affected By Perks


  • The Tesla Rifle is similar to the Lightning Gun from the Quake series.

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