Tech Sergeant Aero

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This is a mission on the Copacabana Job Board


Aero Part I - Your new ARES operator, Aero, has intercepted a call concerning an Accord corporal in trouble. She seems particularly interested in the safety of this man. Perhaps she knows him?


  • Help Corporal Rhodes
    • Eliminate 16 Skivers
    • Speak with Corporal Rhodes
  • Aranha Infestation
    • Eliminate 20 Aranha
    • Eliminate Giant Aranha
  • Corporal Rhodes' Squad
    • Patrol End Point: Copacabana


  • Chance Item
  • XP
  • 1x Copper Vending Token
  • +1701 Copacabana Reputation
  • +170 Accord Reputation
  • Crystite