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This is the page as it appeared before May 10, 2012:

Modules seem to be items that you socket into weapons, packs, and battleframes that enhance abilities or change how items behave.

Some of the seen mods, as they appeared in the first gameplay video[1]:

  • Epic Rate of Fire Module
  • Epic Speed Module
  • Salvaged Rate of Fire Module
  • Regeneration Module
  • Elite Jetpack Thrust Module
  • Elite Jumping Module

An additional mod seen in markeedragon's interview with Scott Youngblood[2]:

  • SIN Cloak Module (at the forge, the description says "Reduces SIN damage by 30%")

Other mods mentioned by the developers include those that change the behavior of a weapon's alt-fire mode. For example, changing the Plasma Cannon's alt-fire to "[shred] a Plasma Cannon round into much, much smaller shots that carry momentum and bounce on impact" - James Macauley[3]. This alternate fire mode was equipped on all Assault battleframes at PAX East 2011.

"The current implementation does not have modules for secondary weapons. Secondary weapons have built-in modules that affect their stats, but users are not able to adjust them. It's totally possible to do so in our system. It's just not something the designers are currently doing. At one point, we did have modules for secondary weapons which included different ironsights." - Phobos