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Crafting is the process in Firefall when materials are refined, researched, and used in manufacturing new Equipment. In order to perform any part of crafting, the player must find a Molecular Printer. Most large outposts have a Molecular Printer, while some smaller ones no not. Activating the Molecular Printer will show you up to four Workbenches, each of which can have one active recipe at a time. There are three types of activities a Workbench can do:


Refining will take the raw resources that the player has acquired and will refine them into usable crafting materials. Refining ores will get you usable metals and Crystite, while refining 'creature' items will only net you usable crafting components.


The Manufacturing section of the Molecular Printer is where the players use refined resources and crafting components to make Battleframe Equipment, Modules, Consumables, Crafting Components, Mission Items, Thumpers, and Vehicles.

Battleframe Equipment
Includes the Nanoprints for Primary Weapons, Secondary Weapons, Abilities, Battle Frame Cores
Primary Weapons and Abilities will be in their own separate menu because they are class specific, while Secondary Weapons and Battle Frame Cores will all be under the folder "Shared Equipment" and they are not class specific.
Includes all modules for both weapons and abilities, split by which item type they can be slotted into. Note that only Red, Yellow, and Blue modules can be crafted. Orange, Green, and Purple modules can only be obtained as drops.
Anything that has a one-time use is in this category. It includes everything from Small Health Pack to Glider Pad to Mobile Battleframe Station.
Crafting Components
To make almost anything in the game, the players refined resources must be made into crafting components. This category is divided into two lists "Battleframe Components" and "General Components".
"Battleframe Components" has all the Nanoprints to make the crafting components for any of the Battleframe Equipment Nanoprints. After a bit of research, this list can get very long, however it is in alphabetical order for easy use.
"General Components" has all the Nanoprints to make the crafting components for the Mission Items, Thumpers, and Consumables
Mission Items
Includes the Nanoprints for Mission Specific items.
Includes the Nanoprints for Personal Thumpers and Squad Thumpers.
Includes the Nanoprints for the Cobra P-1 and Cobra XLR if the player has unlocked them.


Players use Crystite and Research Points at the Molecular Printer to create and unlock new nanoprints for equipment and Calldowns. -->

Building Items

Once the player has selected an item, they will be shown:

  • An icon for the items which can be moused over to view the stats of the produced item.
  • The components necessary to build the item. Components for which insufficient quantities are possessed will be darkened and a red "Insufficient Quantity" label will be present.
  • The amount of time it will take to manufacture.
  • For Crafting Components and most Consumables, a slider allowing selection of more than one production run.
  • A 3-dimensional model of the item.

Once started, the item will be added to the job queue and the player must wait for it to build. however, the build can be rushed with use of Red Beans. The build will continue in real time even if the player goes offline, so it is possible to start an item and let it run without interaction until it is complete. If the item is completed while the player is logged in, they will receive an audio notification.

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