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Welcome to the Firefall Support wiki! Here you can find how to resolve any type of common issue you may be experiencing with Firefall as well as information on how to contact support if necessary.

What is a Ranger you might ask?

A "Ranger" is a Red Studios employee that is responsible for interacting with the Firefall community for support purposes. They are available 7 days a week from 7:00am PDT (-8 GMT) to 10:00pm PDT.

Current hour: 1 PM (PDT)

Note: Current Hour does not compensate for Day Light Savings

Ranger List

Bazyx - Twitter - @Bazyx
Desmara - Twitter - @R5S_Desmara
McFierce - Twitter - @R5S_McFierce
Miel - Twitter - @R5S_Miel
Moriarty - Twitter- @R5S_Moriarty
RoughneckRico - Twitter - @RoughneckRico
Sk1n - Twitter - @R5S_Sk1n

How to contact the Rangers?

You can contact the Rangers by doing the following:

  • Via Live Chat between 7:00am PDT to 10:00pm PDT
  • Via the forums in the Account Support / Technical Support section
  • Follow them on Twitter @FirefallSupport

You can also join us in the unofficial IRC channel on #firefall however support is not guaranteed in IRC.

Getting Started

System Requirements
Common Terms
How to
Hardware Drivers
Chat Commands