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Sub Machine Gun
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"Rapid firing secondary weapon. Fully automatic. Accurate from the hip."
Weapon Type Secondary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Bullet)
Spread 2.5
Rate of Fire 60 ms/burst
Reload Speed 1.5 seconds
Magazine Size 65 ammo
Max Ammo Unlimitedwarning.png"Unlimited" is not a number.
Range 70m


The Sub Machine Gun is a secondary weapon suited for close range and highly mobile combat. The Sub Machine Gun works similarly to the Assault Rifle, but trades damage and long range accuracy for a higher rate of fire, larger magazine, and no accuracy penalty due to movement. It can be thought of as a weaker version of the Dreadnaught's primary weapon. Its secondary fire switches to the ironsights, which reduces movement speed and accuracy.

Like all secondary weapons, the Sub-Machine Gun can be equipped on any Battleframe.

Affected By Perks


  • The Sub Machine Gun closely resembles the real steel P90 sub-machine gun.
  • The Sub Machine Gun was originally called the Suppressor Rifle.

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