Sticky Grenade Launcher

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Sticky Grenade Launcher


"The Sticky Grenade Launcher propels grenades at high velocity that stick to the surface upon contact. Right clicking detonates all grenades."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Explosive)
Frame Restriction Bastion
Rate of Fire 650 ms/burst
Splash Radius 3.5m
Reload Speed 2.5 seconds
Magazine Size 6 ammo
Max Ammo 42
Range 150m


The Sticky Grenade Launcher is the Bastion's signature weapon. Its primary fire launches a small grenade that sticks to the first surface, object, player, or NPC it comes into contact with. Its secondary fire detonates all grenades that are currently deployed, dealing area of effect damage. There is a limit to the number of a player's grenades that can be present in the world. Attempting to shoot additional grenades once this limit is reached will cause older grenades to despawn. Additionally, grenades will automatically detonate if not manually detonated within a time limit.

Grenades stuck to enemies will stay stuck until detonated, but grenades stuck to friendlies will simply hover in the air.

Crafted Variations

Burrowing Sticky Launcher

Using Wyrm Goo during crafting changes the weapon into a Burrowing Sticky Launcher, which causes detonated grenades to leave a patch of goop that damages enemies over time. This variation can be equipped by any of the Engineer battleframes.

  • "Burrowing Sticky grenades splash Wyrm acid upon detonation, burning enemies for several seconds.
  • Base rate of fire is 450 ms/burst.
  • Goop duration is 3 seconds.
  • Goop damage is 10% of the detonation's total damage.

Affected By Perks


  • The Sticky Grenade Launcher is nearly identical to the Demoman's sticky grenade launcher from Team Fortress 2.

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