Sniper Rifle

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Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle.png

"The Sniper Rifle is a classic slow firing, high damage weapon. Enemies killed explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Bullet)
Frame Restriction Nighthawk
Spread 5
Rate of Fire 1650 ms/burst
Splash Radius 1.5m
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Magazine Size 4 ammo
Max Ammo 40
Range 215m


The Sniper Rifle is the Nighthawk's signature weapon, formerly referred to as the Bolt Action Rifle. Fires a high damage round at a low rate of fire and high spread (when not scoped). Like the Charge Rifle, its secondary fire is a 4-8x zoom scope, its primary fire deals double damage on a critical hit, and it can penetrate shields such as those produced by Chosen Drones. When hip fired, the rifle's accuracy decreases, but otherwise remains the same.

Scope Secondary Fire

  • 2.2x - 5.6x zoom, adjustable with the scroll wheel.
  • Reduces movement speed.
  • Gives perfect accuracy.

Affected By Perks


  • The official designation for the Sniper Rifle appears to be the TAC-8.

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