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This page was last updated during patch v1.0.1797. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Stock Smoke Screen
Smoke Screen.png
Type Active
Cooldown 60 seconds
Duration 6 seconds
Effect Radius 4 m


"The Nighthawk deploys a smoke screen, removing all affected allies from SIN. These targets cannot be re-added to SIN while inside this area."

Smoke Screen is one of the Nighthawk's abilities. It throws down an opaque smoke screen at the target area. In PvP, friendlies inside the cloud have any SIN tagging removed and are unable to be re-added until they leave. In PvE, friendlies are stealthed while in the cloud and for a short duration after leaving. If outside the cloud, firing or using melee will instantly remove invisibility. However, using abilities will not remove invisibility.

Prefixes & Modules

Smoke Screen can come with the Barrage, Charged, Cooled, Distant, Lasting, and Widened Prefix as well as the Custom modifier.

Modules that modify Recharge, AoE, and Duration should be used for best effect.

Modding Consideration

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Gameplay Notes

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Affected by Perks

ARES Suppliers

Smoke Screen can be bought at various levels from the following ARES Vendors using local vouchers.

Known Bugs

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