Siphoning Unit

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Icon perk passive siphoning unit.png    Siphoning Unit
Unlocked on Battleframe: Accord Biotech
Restricted to Frames: Accord Biotech.pngDragonfly.pngRecluse.png
Unlocked at Level/Perk Level: 0 / Passive
Perk Points Needed to Equip: 1


"Biotech Exclusive Perk: Siphoning Unit heals the user for 10% of any damage or healing they inflict. Additionally always grants 5% maximum health increase to the user, any squadmates within 100m, and any allies within 8m."

This perk affects:

Accord Biotech, Dragonfly, Recluse Does not affect:

Additional Effects

  • Siphoning Unit also applies to melee damage and abilities