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Chosen Siegebreaker.png


  •  Primary weapon: Three round burst Nova Cannon
  •  Dash that knocks back players
Found In:
  •  New Eden
  •  Blackwater Anomaly


Chosen Siegebreakers are the least powerful of the Elite Chosen infantry units. They possess more health and firepower than any of the standard Chosen infantry units, but less than any of the other Elite infantry. Siegebreakers are much less common that standard Chosen infantry, only appearing at difficult encounters such as Blackwater Anomaly, high stage Meld Thumping, and to defend the last generator of a Warbringer. Their primary weapon appears similar to the Plasma Cannon that Chosen Juggernauts carry, but functions more similarly to the Fusion Cannon's secondary fire. It requires several seconds of charging, after which several large plasma orbs are fired in quick succession that detonate on contact. Siegebreakers also possess the ability to perform a ground based dash that damages and knocks back players and creatures. The dash is always proceeded by a brief roar.

Notable Drops

  •  Health Powerups
  •  Ammo Powerups

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