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"Fires shots in a frontal cone. Extremely effective at close range. High burst potential."
Weapon Type Secondary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Bullet)
Spread 5.5
Rate of Fire 800 ms/burst
Reload Speed 3 seconds
Magazine Size 7 ammo
Max Ammo Unlimitedwarning.png"Unlimited" is not a number.
Range 50m


The Shotgun is a secondary weapon designed for very close range combat. It fires 12 pellets that each do moderate damage in a random pattern, meaning that its potential damage output is quite high. However, at anything beyond point blank range, it is almost guaranteed that several pellets will miss. Unlike other secondary weapons, the Shotgun has no secondary fire or Ironsights.

Like all secondary weapons, the shotgun can be equipped on any Battleframe.

Affected By Perks

Secondary Weapons
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