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Shock Rail
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"The Shock Rail fires precise beams of electricity. The alt fire launches balls of electricity that detonate into large explosions which damage enemies or apply a brief shield to allies."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Energy
Frame Restriction Electron
Rate of Fire 1000 ms/burst
Alt-Fire Splash Radius 1.75m
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Magazine Size 10 ammo
Max Ammo 84
Range 120m


The Shock Rail is the Electron's signature weapon. Its primary fire is a nearly instantaneous, perfectly accurate beam with moderate damage and the ability to score critical hits. However, the primary fire's damage falls off dramatically over distances, making it less desirable for long range shots. Its secondary fire launches an orb that detonates on impact, which deals splash damage to enemies equal to 80% of the primary fire's damage. The secondary fire also shields allies for a short time.

Energy Orb Secondary Fire

  • Energy damage type.
  • Decent speed (45 meters/second)
  • Deals splash damage on impact.
  • Deals 80% of primary fire's damage.
  • Shields allies if targeted.

Affected By Perks


  • The original version of the Shock Rail was very similar to the Shock Rifle from the Unreal series, both in name and in function. However, the Shock Rail was much less reliant on hitting the secondary fire with its primary.
  • The game alternates between calling the weapon the Shock Rifle and the Shock Rail.

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