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The Shimmercore is a Prototype Battleframe Core acquired from the Amazon Warzone reputation vendor. It is only usable by Recon battleframes, and functions as a cross between a run speed and energy core. Additionally, staying still for a short period will cause the player to enter stealth and grant them a damage bonus upon breaking stealth.

Flavor Text and Bonuses

  • Only usable by Recon archetype
  • While this core is equipped, standing still for five seconds without firing your weapon or having taken damage will activate adaptive camouflage, placing you in stealth. Movement, weapon fire, or ability activation will break stealth. While in adaptive camouflage, and for 1.5 seconds afterward, you gain a +20% bonus to all damage dealt

A shimmer in the air is the only warning.

Base Stats

Level and Rarity Shimmercore Damage Increase Jet Energy Run Speed Health Item Level
40 Rare 20% 80 0.8 m/s 6700 HP 44