Securing the Contract

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This is a mission on the Broken Shores Job Board


Securing the Contract Part I - Science OFC Nakamura has valuable data he needs delivered to a client in Sunken Harbor. No normal courier will suffice, since his data contains knowledge many would want, and many would be willing to kill to get.

NOTE: This is a Priority job and will be available at level 18.


  • Meet with Science OFC Nakamura
  • Eliminate Bandit Ambush
    • Eliminate 5 Tanken
  • Track Down the Assistant
    • Eliminate 4 Tanken
  • Escort Assistant to Sunken Harbor
  • Deliver the Data to Greer
  • Disable the Listening Device
    • Activate 1 Target
    • Eliminate 8 Tanken
  • Return to Greer