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The Scan Hammer is a reusable calldown used for finding and determining the composition of mineral deposits. When used, it will bring up information about the concentration of various minerals in the surrounding area.

The scan hammer was formerly obtained from a tutorial mission. This is no longer the case - it must now be purchased for 50 crystite from a Supply Officer (found near many job boards - the guy with the "S" above his head).

It can also be used as a weapon, dealing 401 damage to everything in a small area in front of the player.

The Basic Scan Hammer Nanotemplate is awarded after completing the tutorial quest.

Item description: A resource Scan Hammer that overheats


The scan hammer displays several different messages when used depending on the results of the scan. Colored waveforms are also shown on the terrain depending on the thumpability of the surrounding area.


Unthumpable Surface means that a Thumper cannot be placed, and thus no data on the area is provided.

Only Trace Quantities Detected means that there are no crystite hybrids at the scanned location. Thumping at that spot will only yield Sifted Earth.

The last possible message is data on the resources at the scanned location and places a map marker exactly where the scan was taken, although only one is present at any time (unless a scan was safed manually). The message displays the resources present and the percentages of each at the location. These percentages denote what percentage of a thumper's capacity will be filled with each resource. The remaining capacity is usually filled with sifted earth.


Red waveforms mean that a thumper cannot be placed in that location, generally anywhere in or around any of the major populated structures.

Gray usually means that only trace quantities are present in that area. However, it is possible to find resource veins in gray areas.

Resource Rarity Color means that there is a resource vein in that area. Height of the waveforms indicate higher resource percentages.

The exact composition of resources is only shown at the exact place where the hammer hit the ground. Multiple veins overlapping results in multiple colors overlapping in layers.

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Scanwaves showing signs of Metals