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Sargasso Sea is no longer in the current build of firefall as of v1.0.1783. it was removed along with Antarctica due to their incomplete nature following the launch of the game. Diamondhead is the only current melding pocket still available to the player and has been reworked and enlarged to form the level 40 area for pilots to traverse under the name Devils Tusk. Plans have been rumored to be made about transferring Sargasso and Antarctica into there own new areas, but no official word yet has been given.


Sargasso Sea was a recently discovered pocket deep in the melding which could be accessed via the world map off the coast of the Americas. It's main characteristics are an environment similar to a kelp forest and the toxic creatures lurking in it.



Gaea Creatures

Melded Creatures




Part of the Accord's first forays into the Melding, the Sargasso Sea is located in the former Caribbean basin on the edge of mysterious Atlantic Archipelago.

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