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The Sandsharks are the newest discovery in the fauna of New Eden.

Official Description

From the official page [1]:

A frightening example of the twisted effects that the Melding has on the creatures that come in contact with it, Sandsharks are massive lobster-like crustaceans which have only recently been discovered. In recent weeks these previously-unseen creatures have been blamed for a number of deaths, and have been spotted near the ruins of fishing camps near the ocean. Sandsharks are found most frequently along the coastlines, and are capable of traversing great distances by burrowing just under the surface of the loose beach sands. Their name is earned from the large dorsal fin on their back, which is seen jutting out of the ground when they travel under the surface.
Sandsharks are able to track their prey by sensing vibrations with highly sensitive hairs located across their body. When they sense prey the Sandshark travels quickly through the sand, frequently coming from the water, to attack. The Sandshark’s claws are immensely powerful, able to crack the shells of a Nautilus or mangle the most resilient battleframe with little effort. When hunting smaller prey, such as Aranha, the Sandshark’s claws will typically kill them in a single crushing blow.
Sandsharks are also well-protected by a dense shell which covers most of their body. This doesn’t mean that the Sandshark is without a weakness, however. While their backs are protected, the Sandshark has a soft underbelly that makes them vulnerable to well-executed attacks.
Despite the danger that they pose, a burgeoning economy has risen around the hunt and sale of Sandshark meat. Demand for the meat amongst the more affluent citizens of Copacabana has grown, and a single ounce of the meat can fetch exorbitant prices on the open market. This is especially puzzling, as the meat is widely reported to be bland and somewhat rubbery, with a particularly putrid stench to it. Boiling the meat and slathering it with butter and spices helps, but the stench never truly goes away.
Although there have only been sparse reports of Sandshark attacks, Accord researchers fear that the frequency of sightings will increase in the coming weeks. Due to their inherently aggressive nature and the danger that they pose, the Accord advises citizens to attack in numbers, warning against the dangers of confronting a Sandshark alone.

Types and Subspecies

Toxic Landshark
Toxic Landshark
Vomica the Noxious
Vomica the Noxious

In-game behavior

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