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Bring the battle to the Blood Kings' doorstep! Travel with the Devilhawks to the land of the midnight sun and find the data on the MIDAS.

Level 21 mission.

The Encounter

The player gets flown in to the area by the Devilhawks with the intention of stealing the MIDAS from the Bloodkings. During the flight they notice that their communications are being hindered by a signal jammer somewhere in the mission.

After disembarking the dropship the player gets accompanied by Hobbes and Frank to disable the jammer. Note that both of them respawn after gettting killed and can revive players if the player gets downed.

Three Paths

Upon entering the area further, the group find three suspicious locations that are actually the entrances to three separate paths to the jammer.

Each path has their own type of enemies and also different dialogues between Frank and Hobbes.

Trying out all three paths (even on separate occasions) will unlock the Achievement "Ice Climber".

Left Path

This path has mostly Ice Aranhas and a couple of Brontodons.

Due to how the path weaves this one might be easier for Assaults if they use Afterburner to bypass enemies.

Middle Path

This path has a combination of both Aranhas and Bloodkings (although their spawning points are more inside the path).

Right Path

This path has mostly Bloodkings (including a number of wolves). At two moments there are enemies that run ahead to warn the other groups, killing them or even outrunning them makes the hike on the path easier.

Jamming Tower

At the end of all three paths the group finds the jammer, defended by three shields. These can be disabled one by one, but that takes a while. Each disabled shield will make the jammer take more damage when the player shoots at it.

During that time a darkslip will launch Chosen Drop Pods into the area, adding Chosen to the fight.

When the jammer gets destroyed the ground underneath it breaks open to reveal a large (and very deep) entrance to the Bloodkings hideout. Descending into the entrance without dying unlocks the achievement "Nice Landing".

Inside the Base

Risky Business - after descend.jpg

After the descent into the entrance the group will encounter two locations where they meet Icy Aranhas and Glacial Aranhas.

After these locations the group will find a Battleframe Garage and some Supply Crates, players that have heavily damaged gear might use this spot for repairs or to switch frames.

After pushing further down the area, the group will enter the center of the Bloodkings base. Here the player will be informed that they need three keys to unlock three separate terminals. The group will now also be accompanied by Horus, one of the other Devilhawks.

First Key

The first key usually spawns at the lowest level or the one above that. It can be picked up by both the player or one of the Bloodkings. Killing the Bloodking that carries the key puts it up for grabs again. When the player is carrying the key their ability to jump or Air Sprint will be very limited.

The terminal that needs to be unlocked is at the back of the floor above the basement.

Second Key

The second key usually spawns on the floor above the lowest floor or above that one. The terminal for it is somewhat in between (close to where they first came in).

Third Key

The last key spawns either on the top floor or the one underneath that, the terminal is on the top floor. This section will have harder hitting enemies.

When the last terminal is unlocked the player will be able to unlock the MIDAS Terminal, located at the lowest level (no key needed).

Defend the MIDAS Terminal

After unlocking this terminal the player will be informed that they need to defend the central terminal and the two adjacent terminals for a while in order for the download of the MIDAS to complete.

Note: when the download is under 30 seconds away from completion it's best to haul ass towards the exit (take the path at the player's ten o'clock) so they won't die from the bomb that has been set to explode in the base.

Escape from the Base

Run (fast) and avoid the areas that have crystals on them, since these tend to freeze players. Once outside (indicated by having blue skies above one self) be sure to stop running: the blast of the explosion tends to push players forward to the extend of blasting them to areas over deep water.

Escaping the the base before the blast unlocks the Achievement "Sorry, Gotta Run!". Completing the mission with zero deaths unlocks the Achievement "Resilience". Completing it in under 12.5 minutes unlocks "Skating on Ice".


  • 61721 XP
  • One random level ~21 item
  • 579 Crystite


See the Achievements-page for details.

  • Ice Climber
  • Nice Landing
  • Resilience
  • Skating on Ice
  • Sorry, Gotta Run!
  • That's What You Call a Heist!
  • Speak of the Devil

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