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Resources in Firefall come in many forms and from different sources, such as resource veins, surface deposits and as creature drops.

Resources generally have to be refined from their raw form to usable Crafting Components. Refining Resources can be done at Molecular Printer.

Resource Groups


Metals are collected from Thumping or Resource Deposits. They are collected in raw form as Ores and must be refined into Bars to be used as a Crafting Components.

The four types of Metals in Firefall are;

  • Iron - Tier 1
  • Tungsten - Tier 2
  • Titanium - Tier 3
  • Uranium - Tier 4

Raw Biomaterials

Raw biomaterials are dropped from creatures, chosen and other wildlife. Most biomaterials will have to be refined, however there are some special biomaterials that do not have to be refined. These Optional Components can be used to make Recipe Unlocks.

Examples of raw biomaterials include;

  • Shell Fragments - Tier 1
  • Bone Fragments - Tier 2
  • Biomass Samples - Tier 3
  • Brontodon Ivory (Optional Component)


Areas by Level

Using the corresponding level of the item above translates to where the resource can be found as listed below: