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This page was last updated during patch v1.0. The current patch is v1.0.


Resources in Firefall come in many forms and from different sources, such as resource veins, surface deposits and as creature drops.

Resource Groups


  • Iron Ore - refines into Iron Bars (common) and Steel Plating (rare)
  • Tungsten Ore - refines into Tungsten Bars (common) and Tungsten Plating (rare)
  • Titanium Ore - refines into Titanium Bars (common) and Titanium Plating (rare)
  • Uranium Ore - refines into Uranium Bars (common), Uranium Cells (rare) and Uranium Cores (very rare)


  • Shell Fragments (lvl 1-19 creature drop) - refines into Chitin Fibers (common) and Bioenhenced Plastics (rare)
  • Bone Fragments (lvl 20-29 creature drop) - refines into Carbon Powder (common) and Carbon Nanotubes (rare)
  • Biomass Samples (lvl 30-39 creature drop) - refines into Biopolymer Threads (common) and Recombinant Proteins (rare)
  • Crystatic Biofluids (lvl 40 creature drop) - refines into Crystatic Nucleotids (common), Designer Proteins (rare) and Nano Varii (very rare)


  • Junk Salvage / lvl 1-19 gear - refines into Copper Wiring (common) and Nanowiring (rare)
  • Circuit Salvage / lvl 20-29 gear - refines into Semiconductors (common) and Hypercore Processors (rare)
  • Powercell Salvage / lvl 30-29 gear - refines into Crystatic Powercells (common) and Plasmic Capacitors (rare)
  • Controller Salvage / lvl 20-29 gear - refines into Optical Coolers (common), Quantum Bridges (rare) and Arc Processors (very rare)

Resource Pools

  • New Eden (level 1-24): Iron Ore and Tungsten Ore
  • Sertao (level 25-36): Iron Ore, Tungsten Ore and Titanium Ore
  • Devils Tusk (level 37-40): Iron Ore, Tungsten Ore, Titanium Ore and Uranium Ore
  • Broken Peninsula (level ???-40): Iron Ore, Tungsten Ore, Titanium Ore and Uranium Ore