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Surface Deposits, previously called Resource Deposits, are exposed rock formations that contain Metal. The color of the crystals embedded in the rock identifies which metal the rock contains.

It only takes a single Sonic Detonator or a hit with a Scan Hammer to destroy a Resource Deposit, and it is possible to destroy multiple with a single hit if the deposits are grouped tightly together. When destroyed, deposits generate two drops (only one when destroyed with a Scan Hammer) of a random amount of resources of the corresponding resource family, where each drop can contain any amount from 12-70 resources.


  • Iron Ore
All zones.
  • Tungsten Ore
All zones from areas starting at level 20.
  • Titanium Ore
Areas of Sertao and Devils Tusk from areas starting at level 30.
  • Uranium Ore
Areas of Devils Tusk and from areas at level 40.