Repulsor Blast

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Stock Repulsor Blast
Repulsor Blast.png
Accord Dreadnaught.pngMammoth.pngRhino.pngArsenal.png
Type Active
Cooldown 35 s seconds
Instant yes
Knockback 30.00 N
Effect Radius 5.00 m
Damage 350

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"The Dreadnaught emits a blast wave, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies."

Repulsor Blast is one of the Accord Dreadnaught's skills, although it can be equipped on any Dreadnaught battleframe. It causes a wave of force to expand from the dreadnaught, dealing damage and knocking back any nearby enemies.

Optional Crafting Component

Adding a Space Manipulator during crafting changes the skill into Attracting Repulsor Blast, which pulls in nearby enemies before damaging and knocking them away. Higher quality Space Manipulators improve the pull-in range.

Additional Uses

  • The knockback from Repulsor Blast can be used to unburrow Nautili