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Red Beans is the premium currency of Firefall, used mainly to speed up processes and purchase vanity items. Red Beans are sold by Red 5 for real-world currency, but can also be traded between players with the use of credits on the Marketplace through the Red Bean Exchange.

Products in the Red Bean Store include Advanced Battleframes, LGVs and Glider Pads, as well as boosts and other cosmetic items.

Red Beans can also be used to speed up any refining, crafting or research job in the Molecular Printer, or the player can use them to obtain a limited-time VIP membership.

Red Bean Bundles

Red Beans US dollars $/RB
960 $100 0.114
440 $50 0.12
168 $20 0.125
80 $10 0.125
40 $5 0.125