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Name Ratchet
Affiliation Accord
Location Copacabana

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Ratchet is a NPC from Copacabana. She was selling items for Beta Crystite until open beta launch and can be found at coordinates 984, 339.

Items offered

β-CY=Beta Crystite

Name Price Description Rarity Duration
Beta Crystite Pack 10,000 β-CY Contains 1 resource/exp boost, one calldown and a 1 time use T.E.X/Cobra/Gliders with a small chance on the permanent ones. Uncommon None
50% Resource Boost 10,000 β-CY Gives a Temporary 50% Boost on Resource Gathered. Uncommon 60 Minutes/activates on purchase
5% Permanent Resource Boost 15,000 β-CY Gives a Permanent 5% Boost on Resource Gathered. Rare Permanent
T.E.X. Leash 20,000 β-CY Is a robot minipet with a cowboy hat. Epic Permanent
Crystalwing Gliderpad 20,000 β-CY Unique skinned glider wings, glow with a blue/white color Uncommon Permanent
Cobra LGV 75,000 β-CY The Cobra LGV is a Unique Colored Red and Black Cobra Cycle Epic Permanent
Diamondwing Gliderpad 100,000 β-CY Similar to the Crystalwing except the wings are a Yellow/Gold color. Rare Permanent
Beta Crystite Crate 100,000 β-CY Contains 11 Beta Crystite Packs. Rare None
10% Resource Boost 250,000 β-CY Gives a Temporary 10% Boost on Resource Gathered. Epic 6 Months
Angel Wing Gliderpad 300,000 β-CY Same color as the Diamondwing, but with more "frills" to make it look like angel wings. Epic Permanent