R36 Assault Rifle

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R36 Assault Rifle

R36 Assault Rifle.png

"The R36 is a highly accurate assault rifle effective at long range."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Kinetic (Bullet)
Frame Restriction Recon
Spread 3
Rate of Fire 120 ms/burst
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Magazine Size 45 ammo
Max Ammo 360
Range 150m


The R36 Assault Rifle is the Accord Recon's signature weapon. It is a specialized assault rifle with a short range scope, making it ideal for mid-range combat. Its primary fire is fully automatic and very similar to the standard Assault Rifle's, but with significantly higher damage and accuracy. Its secondary fire is a 1.8x zoom scope that also increases the accuracy of the primary fire, allowing it to be more effective at longer ranges.

The Raptor Battleframe exclusive perk Conduit interacts somewhat differently with the R36 than it does with the Raptor signature weapon, the Charge Rifle. When Conduit is slotted while using an R36, the weapon will generate but not consume Conduit charges. At maximum charges, the R36 does Energy damage instead of Kinetic. Since the R36 still only requires 3 shots to land to max out Conduit charges, it provides an extremely effective way to use several fully Empowered abilities in rapid succession.

When the R36 is used with the Nighthawk's HKM Eruption Rounds, the effect radius of the triggered explosions are a quarter of the normal value for the HKM.

Crafted Variations

Sharpeye R36 Rifle

Using Corneas during crafting changes the weapon into the Sharpeye R36 Rifle, which replaces the secondary fire's 1.8x scope with a 3.6x zoom. This version of the weapon has decreased rate of fire.

  • "Sharpeye variant of the R36 trades a small rate of fire decrease for much stronger scope."
  • Base rate of fire is 126 ms/burst.

Affected By Perks

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