Proving Ground

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This page was last updated during patch v1.3.1859. The current patch is v1.3.1869.
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Deliver the Faulkner's flight recorder to the Devilhawks' HQ. Discretion is advised. Rival groups would be just as interested in acquiring the blackbox.

Level 15 Mission (players above level 18 will be capped to 18), a reworked version of the old Research Station-mission. Being in a squad will add additional enemies.

Note: after landing "activate" (by approaching him) Oilspill to start the mission, otherwise he'll just stand there forever.

The Encounter

The player gets flown to an area in the Melding to help Oilspill deliver the flightrecorder, from when he was in Blackwater, to the Devilhawks. During the exchange to area gets attacked by a rival group, called the Blood Kings, during which the defense systems get disabled.

The player will get directed through 5 buildings, each containing a trigger to make the defense manually reboot.

Note: while the player is going from building to building they can ignore the Blood Kings in the open area: those will constantly be refreshed with new forces when they die.

After rebooting, a boss will drop in the zone. After killing the boss the player can enter the dropship again to complete the mission.


  • 30501 XP
  • One level ~17 random item
  • 253 Crystite

Hardcore Mode

Thise mission can be started on Hardcore Mode and it will have the following differences to the standard one:

  • All terminals have to be activated within ten minutes
  • Players will not be capped to a lower level
  • Enemies will have a higher level
  • At key positions there will be Heavy Turrets fighting for the enemy.