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Forward Operating Base Zephyr has been in Chosen hands long enough. Time to deliver their eviction notice with the ultimate ARES risk-takers, the Devilhawks.

Level 18 mission. Being in a squad will shorten the amount of time available to disable the AA to 18 seconds and bring in more enemies (including multiple Chosen Executioners).

The Encounter

The Start

The player gets flown into an area by the Devilhawks. After disembarking a nearby Melding Repulsor needs to be activated, during the charging the player (escorted by Hobbes and a Devilhawks Paratrooper) will get attacked by waves of Carcasses.

After the Repulsor has started, the player can follow a path with occasional small groups of Chosen (including weaker versions of the Trapjaws).

At the end of the path there's an area with (at first) a small number of Chosen. After starting to attack them, Chosen Drop Pod will enter the area resulting in more Chosen. During that time more Devilhawks (including Frank) will land as well. After killing the Chosen the player is instructed to activate another Melding Repulsor.

Retake of the base

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When the Melding is pushed back the group now has access to Forward Operating Base Zephyr. In the central location there are four Chosen Generators preventing the placement of a SIN-tower, destroy all four of them (just shooting them is enough) and call in the SIN-tower to claim the area for the Accord.

After the tower is called in there are two optional ways of supporting the defense of it from four impending large waves of Chosen and players have 5 minutes to complete them (it is possible to do both). The order in which they are completed doesn't influence the mission.

Completing both options before the timer ends unlocks the Achievement "Divide and Conquer".

Ground Defense

There are two switches inside a nearby bunker. The two adjacent rooms have a door between them with a nearby terminal to open it. Interacting with both switches will activate the Heavy Turrets in the base.

Note that when a player is in a squad then these rooms will contain far more Trapjaws, making the activation of the terminals much harder.


On the other side of the base is an AA-tower surrounded by a number of defensive pillars, approach these to activate their defense (be careful to not come too close to their poison). After this the doors of a nearby small bunker will open, giving access to a switch to disable the pillars. After interacting with the terminal a solo player will have about 48 seconds to disable the AA-tower or the pillars will reactive again. Squad-players will only have about 18 seconds to do this so it's best to have one player in the bunker while another is close to the AA-tower.

Disabling the tower will make it possible to have air-support from Fade to do bombing runs on the incoming paths outside of the base.

Defend the Base

When the 5 minute timer is up the waves of Chosen will try to enter through the three main gates (called Alpha, Bravo and Gamma) to attack the SIN-tower. The waves are separated by small amounts of time, these can be used to get nearby health and ammo.

After the final wave the Chosen will retreat and Hobbes will inform the Accord of the retake. During that a dropship will land nearby, enter it and the mission is completed.

Completing the mission with the SIN-tower having over 75% health unlocks the Achievement "Birds of a Feather Fly Together".


  • 48754 XP
  • 332 Crystite

Random Rewards


See the Achievements-page for details.

  • Birds of a Feather Fly Together
  • Ironclad Sentinels
  • Running withe the Devil(s)
  • Divide and Conquer

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