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Plasma Cannon

Plasma Cannon.png

"Fires a plasma ball that on impact detonates doing area of effect damage."
Weapon Type Primary weapon
Damage Type Plasma
Frame Restriction Assault
Rate of Fire 1100 ms/burst
Splash Radius 2m
Reload Speed 2 seconds
Magazine Size 6 ammo
Max Ammo 60
Range 215m


The Plasma Cannon is the Accord Assault's signature weapon. Its primary fire lobs an explosive ball of plasma with a slight arc. The ball deals moderate area of effect damage on impact and can deal critical hits. Its secondary fire releases multiple small plasma shards in quick succession, resulting in a shotgun-like effect.

The Plasma Cannon's primary fire can damage burrowing enemies such as Hissers.

Scattershot Secondary Fire

  • Plasma damage type.
  • Fires 9 shards in one round.
  • Range of 40m.
  • Shards can ricochet off surfaces if they impact at less than 45 degrees.

Crafted Variations

Plasma Flak Cannon

The Plasma Flak Cannon fires a deadly plasma blast that will explode upon impact or after a set amount of time, dealing damage in an area. The projectile can also explode in close proximity of enemies, offering great potential for destroying targets that are difficult to hit. The alternate fire consumes ammo to give the user energy recharge as well as propel them in the direction aimed.

  • "Fires an unstable plasma ball that detonates on proximity to a target. Alt-Fire shunts plasma through the frame's jets, granting a speed and energy boost. This weapon is not compatible with Range modules."
  • Slight less damage per round.
  • Base rate of fire is 550 ms/burst.
  • Base splash radius is 4m
  • Base magazine size is 12 ammo.
  • Maximum ammo is 120.

DragonBorn Cannon

Using Fire Glands during crafting changes the weapon into a Dragonborn Plasma Cannon. This changes the secondary fire to Dragon's Breath, which deals damage in a cone in front of the player. Damage for Dragon's Breath is half of the primary fire's damage.

  • "Plasma Cannon with Dragon's Breath secondary fire."
  • Dragon's Breath range is 12m.

Affected By Perks

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