Patrolling the Strand

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This is a mission on the Broken Shores Job Board


Some call the road to Sunken Harbor "The Gambler's Strand." Perhaps because of the games one could bet on there, or perhaps because it's a gamble to walk the strand. Strange creatures have shown up in the last few years, making an unarmed traverler's chances another roll of the dice.

NOTE: Currently the most reliable way of getting Brinewyrm Goo.


  • Locate the Nautilus Population
    • Eliminate 8 Wildlife
    • Eliminate the Large Nautilus
  • Locate the Brinewyrm Population
    • Eliminate 10 Wildlife
    • Eliminate Large Brinewyrm
  • Locate the Pirates
    • Eliminate 13 Reapers
  • Meet with Science OFC Nakamura


  • Chance Item
  • XP
  • 1x Copper Vending Token
  • +1739 rep
  • 11x Broken Shores Voucher
  • Crystite