Patch Notes v1-3-1861

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Released on 2015/2/27
Patch version V1.3.1861
Is hotfix Yes

Hello Pilots, we are releasing hotfix version 1.3.1861 which will address the following issues:

  • The need vs. greed window will no longer disappear moments after appearing.
    • Please note: The window may still display overlapping items. To view which item is correct players might need to hover their mouse cursor over the item icon in the need vs. greed display.
  • Decoy will now properly cause aggro with enemies and will properly respect the duration, area of effect and damage stats.
  • Fixed an issue where Noxious BioNeedlers' alt fires would fire 5 pellets instead of 10. The alt fire should now correctly fire 10 pellets.
  • Players will no longer spawn inside collision when dying at Forward Operating Base Victory.
  • A test achievement which was awarding the Victory Hologram has been disabled.
  • Fixed a few more holes in Kanaloa's arena.