Patch Notes v1-3-1859

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Released on 2015/2/19
Patch version V1.3.1859
Is hotfix Yes

Hello Pilots,

We have released a hotfix which will address the following issues.

Amazon Warzone

Difficulty Adjustments

  • We have increased the overall strength of Chosen forces across the board.
  • The maximum number of Chosen Strike teams deployed at once has been increased.
  • More locations in the Warfront can be attacked by the Chosen simultaneously.
  • Attacks will continue even when there are zero players in a zone to defend it.
  • The Chosen forces will retain their increased strength levels for longer periods of time before their power level start to decrease.

Daily Missions

  • Thin Their Numbers
    • New juggernauts and siegebreakers will now count towards this mission.
  • Ride the Recoil
    • Required kills have been lowered to 30 (down from 100)
    • New juggernauts and siegebreakers will now count towards this mission.
  • Muck Raking
    • The amount of salvage required to complete this mission has been reduced to 80 (from 100).
    • The spawn rates of salvage piles have been increased.

Other Amazon Fixes

  • Genesis Achievement
    • The chest that was located in the melding has been moved to a more accessible location outside the Melding.
    • The Apotheosis Module will now properly display its name and description.

Non-Amazon Fixes

  • Locations which players were able to use to avoid the majority of Kanaloa's mechanics have been fixed.
  • Bandit campfires will now properly despawn if a player does not loot the chest after defeating the bandits, freeing up the location for other wandering encounters to spawn.
  • David's Magic Weapons and Tri-stat modules will no longer appear in the marketplace.
  • Valentine's Candies will now be usable.