Patch Notes v1-3-1856

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Released on 2015/2/10
Patch version V1.3.1856
Is hotfix No

Update 1.3 Highlights

  • Fight the Chosen in the Amazon Warzone! Join the Accord and the Crimson Storm faction in a huge new continent full of level 40+ Chosen battles. Help the war effort by reclaiming bases, protecting convoys, and pushing back the melding.
  • Discover new creatures that are harassing the citizens of New Eden and take them out in The Big Game Hunt. Explore Coral Forest, Sertao, and Devil’s Tusk and find new challenging named creatures.
  • Brand new Reputation system. Gone are the extra currencies of the POI vouchers. Gain reputation with each faction to access new equipment and special recipes on each POI vendor. New looting options are available for squads including Need vs. Greed, Quartermaster (master loot) or specify your battleframe for preferenced looting. Squad leaders set the loot rarity threshold and what system the squad will use.
  • Range modules have been added for weapons, effectively increasing the weapon’s usable distance, range before damage falloff, and travel speed of lobbed projectiles.

Battleframes & Combat

  • Reviving a player now grants assistance rewards for their kills over the next 30 seconds (this helps support players and revivers get rewards in large encounters).

Battleframe Perks

  • Eye of the Tiger (Unlocked at Tigerclaw, level 30) now affects Triage's recharge rate.
  • Trickster (seasonal Perk) now briefly cuts off automatic fire to prevent immediately losing stealth when reaching the activation threshold.


Assault Bug Fixes

  • Using Cannonball Afterburner into jump pads and glider pads should no longer launch the player into orbit.
  • Overcharge can now be activated while holding a carryable object.


  • Fusion Cannon's Alt Fire projectile speed can be increased with the new weapon range modules.
  • Disruption has been updated to utilize the ability area of effect stat more effectively.
  • This should cause players to notice the results of AOE modification on this ability more easily.
  • The visual effects will now more accurately reflect the AOE size.

Accord Biotech

  • Healing Wave will now award assist credit for 20 seconds on healed players.
  • Healing Generator will now award assist credit for 10 seconds on healed players.


  • Healing Pillar will now award assist credit for 20 seconds on healed players.
  • Healing Dome will now award assist credit for 20 seconds on healed players.
  • Healing Ball now awards assist credit for 20 seconds on healed players.
  • Emergency response now applies assist credit vs debuffed enemies and healed allies.


  • Kinetic Shot’s description now properly reflects the current function of the ability and no longer references overriding ammo.


  • Combat shotgun’s spread has been adjusted so that it has a wider spread (base spread of 7).
  • Context: This change was made to balance out a back end numbers change that caused Combat Shotgun to be far more accurate than intended.


Rhino Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Rhino’s HLMG to stop dealing damage temporarily.
  • This issue would cause players who were consistently using the HLMG alt-fire’s laser attack to occasionally stop dealing damage with it, even when hitting a target directly. This fix should make this ability’s damage output more reliable.

Accord Recon

  • Advanced Decoy will now spawn with approximately 90% of the player’s max health.


Nighthawk Bug Fixes

  • Remote Explosive’s ability description has been updated to reflect the patch of fire it leaves after detonation.


  • Fortify now grants a reduction to damage taken for all the player’s deployables in addition to the previous heal and damage increase.

Bastion Bug Fixes

  • Fortify no longer erroneously provides a damage bonus to the player.


  • The Shock Rail’s description has been updated to explain the alt-fire applies a shield to allies.

Electron Bug Fixes

  • Overclocking Station now uses Effect Radius Rating to determine the distance it will buff targets.

Open World

  • The Amazon Warfront, a new, large, level 40 PvE content continent is now available.
  • Players must work together to capture and defend outposts, watchtowers, supply depots and Harvesters to push back the Melding and progress through the zone and complete their goals. However, the Chosen effort is accelerated in this zone, ensuring that pushes by the players to move farther into the zone are always contested.
  • This zone’s difficulty will increase with how successful the players are. If players are capturing objectives quickly then the Chosen will redouble their efforts and push back even harder than before, even going as far as coming in as higher level enemies.
  • New Chosen enemies have been sighted in the area; including Chosen operated vehicles and war engines.
  • Players can now gain reputation with the Crimson Storm faction in the Amazon Warfront.
  • Players who gain reputation with the Crimson Storm will have the ability to purchase unique battleframe cores and calldowns from a Crimson Storm representative.
  • The Amazon Warfront also contains new Dynamic encounters, daily missions, and contested objectives.
  • There are 12 different daily missions. Players will receive three daily missions per day out of the 12 available.
  • Of the three daily missions players receive, one of the missions will be an Epic daily mission. There are three different Epic daily missions assigned throughout the week to players. If a player completes all three Epic daily missions within a week they will be able to summon a special Chosen boss encounter on Sunday.
  • Players will be able to choose between 1 of 3 different Chosen bosses.
    • New Chosen encounters.
    • Chosen Sniper Nests
      • Keep an eye out for Chosen Sniper nests up in the trees! Clear out the Chosen and collect your reward.
    • Chosen Ambush Teams
      • Beware of subtle movement in the swamps! The Chosen have adapted a special stealth technology which allows their ambush squads to sneak up and attack ARES pilots without warning. Watch out for a tell-tale shimmer in the air, if you see one you’ve already been targeted.
    • Chosen Blockades
      • The Chosen are attempting to halt the movement of our Convoys by setting up blockades along our roads. Make sure to clear these blockades out so that the Accord can transport their supplies safely between bases.
    • Chosen Camps
      • Who knew that even the Chosen seem to take a little time to get some rest and relaxation? Catch the Chosen off guard while they are planning their next move and give them some payback for all the sneak attacks they’ve been launching on unsuspecting ARES pilots.

Dynamic Events

  • Big Game Hunt
    • 12 new rare creatures have been spotted across Coral Forest, Sertao, and Devil’s Tusk. Each zone contains 4 of these rare creatures for players to hunt.
    • Targets located in Coral Forest and Sertao are stronger versions of existing creatures with unique colorations which will help identify them.
    • Coral Forest creatures:
      • Danko the Stalker
      • Kojo the Murderer
      • Nymero the Widowmaker
      • Kruger the Rampager
    • Sertao creatures:
      • Iwanci the Fetid
      • Scota the Breaker
      • Shisa the Prowler
      • Magaera the Fury
    • The targets located in Devil’s Tusk are unique, never before seen creature types.
      • Anubis the Gravedigger
      • Strix
      • Hydrus, Menace of the Mire
      • Haken
    • Players are rewarded for defeating these monsters with achievements that also grant a few unique item rewards.
  • All encounters and ARES missions have received an experience balance pass.
  • Some of the wandering encounters have received an experience boost while others have received a reduction based upon how long it takes for an event to be completed on an average play through. Some of these experience alterations will be more noticeable than others.
  • ARES missions have received an experience pass which resulted in higher experience from completing them.


  • Uranium vein spawn rates and locations in Broken Peninsula and Devil’s Tusk have been increased.
  • Uranium in Devil’s Tusk can now spawn across the entire zone.
  • Rich Uranium veins can now appear; these veins will have a higher max percentage at peak locations than regular Uranium veins.
  • Vein types other than Uranium will now spawn less frequently in Devil’s Tusk and Broken Peninsula, causing Uranium to spawn more regularly.
  • Plasma Flak Cannon recipes are now available. These recipes will be learned automatically for any player that has researched the appropriate Plasma Cannon recipe.
  • All players now have access to the P1 LGV Recipe, starting at character creation.
  • Customization Components will now display an icon and their damage type during crafting. (I.E. Cryogenic, Blazing, etc.)
  • All crafting components which affect the stats of an ability or weapon can now be used in crafting those items.
  • The crafting interface will now display components that are not usable for the player’s currently selected recipe. This should help ease confusion when attempting to craft certain incompatible item types.
  • For example, when crafting Crater, deployment components will appear in an unavailable category stating that they are incompatible with the currently selected recipe.


  • Weapon Range Modules and crafting components are now available in game. Weapon range modules will increase maximum weapon range, effective damage range (how far a projectile will travel before its damage begins to fall off) and the travel speed of grenades and Fusion Cannon alt-fires.
  • Weapon Range Modules are researched and crafted through the molecular printer and also drop randomly in the world.
    • Known Issue: Plasma Flak Cannons are currently able to accept weapon range components. Attaching a weapon range component will not effectively increase the Plasma Flak Cannon’s range as the projectile will still explode at a set distance. Attaching weapon range components to the Plasma Flak Cannons will be disabled in a future patch.
  • LGVs have received a tuning pass which should help them shift between gears smoother as well as improve performance when dealing with inclines.
  • Weapon Modules have received a tuning pass to balance their values. These changes are meant to bring the modules more in line with their original pre-rating system values.
  • Weapon Magazine module ratings were increased by 50%.
  • Splash Radius module ratings were increased by +5 rating each.
  • Accuracy module ratings were reduced to 75% of their previous values. This will put them closer to their strength pre-rating system.
  • Ability Modules have received a tuning pass to balance their values. These changes are meant to bring the modules more in line with their original pre-rating system values.
  • Force module ratings have increased by (50)%.
  • Potency module ratings have increased by (50)%.
  • Ability range module ratings have increased by (50)%.
  • Ability duration modules have received an increase in rating. This increase will be more prominent with common modules (around a 50% increase) with a smaller boost in epic modules (around 12.5% increase). These numbers will also vary slightly for hybrid modules.
  • Ability area of effect modules have received an increase in rating. This increase will be more prominent with common modules (around a 50% increase) with a smaller boost in epic modules (around 12.5% increase). These numbers will also vary slightly for hybrid modules.
  • HKM charge module ratings have increased by +5 rating each.
  • All module ratings are now rounded to the nearest integer; anything that was 12.5 rating will now be 13 rating.
    • Known issue: There are a few modules which are not rounding up properly and will still retain their current values.


  • A new optimization feature called Adaptive Effects Quality is now available for use.
  • This feature allows players to increase their particle effect quality in the video settings and the system will adjust the effects on the fly to maintain higher framerates during heavy firefights.
  • This feature is enabled by default. If a player wishes to disable this feature they can do so by entering the console and using the command “fx.adaptive_q 0” (Without the quotation marks).

User Interface

  • Vouchers earned from completing ARES Jobs in Coral Forest, Sertao, and Devil’s Tusk have been converted to a new “Reputation” system.
  • A player can view their reputation by selecting the Factions tab from the character window.
  • As a player gains reputation with specific Factions, they will unlock items for purchase from a Faction vendor when reaching specific milestones (I.E. Friendly standing)
  • Items that were previously purchased using vouchers such as “Copacabana Vouchers” or “Trans-Hub Vouchers” will now use this new system to determine which items are available for purchase.
  • These items will still be purchased from the same vendors as they were previously, but instead will be purchased using Crystite or credits.
    • Context: With this feature update players will have less overall currencies to manage as they level up, making it easier for players to obtain gear for multiple battleframes once they have reached the required reputation with a faction.
    • Migration Plans: Players who currently have remaining vouchers in their inventory will gain 100 reputation points for the appropriate faction per voucher in their inventory. Players who do not already have vouchers in their inventory will need to gain reputation by completing ARES Jobs. The migration process should be transparent.
  • Squad Looting updates:
    • Squad Leaders can now determine how dropped rewards are assigned within the group via new squad looting options.
    • Please note: This system is not currently implemented for Platoons.
    • Loot thresholds can be set for both Interactable (equipment) drops and auto-looted drops.
    • Crystite is unaffected by loot settings and will continue to distribute to groups evenly.
    • Loot which is of higher quality than the threshold can be set to either Need Vs. Greed, preferenced Loot or Quartermaster (master-looter style).
  • Quartermaster allows one player to decide who receives a specific piece of loot after players mark whether they want it or not, similar to traditional Master-Loot styles.
    • Groups may assign more than one Quartermaster to form a “Loot Council” where the assigned players vote on who receives the specific piece of loot being voted on.
    • If there is a tie between multiple players for the highest roll, the item will be granted to one of those players at random.
  • Need Vs. Greed will allow players to choose whether they would need an item or take it for greed. Players who select need will always take priority over players who select greed.
    • This is equivalent to the current loot roll system in game.
  • Preferenced Loot will use a player’s “Loot Preference” battleframe setting to roll need on preferred gear, greed on gear for other frames.
    • Players can set their Loot Preference by right clicking on their own name and choosing a battleframe from the list.
  • Loot which is below the threshold can be set to Solo, Round Robin or Free-For-All looting.
  • Solo will grant players based on contribution. (I.E. a player who contributes 80% of the effort to defeat a mob will receive 80% of the total rewards for the group).
  • Round Robin will distribute items in turns to all participating players in a group.
  • Free-For-All will allow players to receive below-threshold loot on a first come, first serve basis. Whoever picks the loot up gets it.
  • Along with the updates to the squad looting system we are releasing an updated “Loot” interface to handle the above listed settings.
  • A shortcut to the Loot window will appear above the squad’s health bars. Players can access this interface by using mouse mode and clicking on the “Loot” button to expand the loot window.
  • This interface allows players to set the current squad loot options, view items that are currently being rolled for, items that have already been distributed to players (along with all rolls for each piece of loot) and a comparison tooltip for items that are comparable to what the player currently has equipped (I.E. checking the stats on a new Missile Shot will show a comparative tooltip to the player’s currently equipped Missile Shot).

Bug Fixes

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing players from zoning between Coral Forest and Sertao near Thump Dump.
  • Fixed an area in Crossroads Outpost where a broken texture could be viewed through a floor grate.
  • Fixed various culling and texture issues throughout Devil’s Tusk.
  • Closed a hole which allowed players out of the map under Stronghold.
  • Fixed a hole in the mountains West of Sunken Harbor which would cause players to reach terminal velocity when they fall into it.
  • Vehicles will no longer be able to drive through the Melding bubbles at captured watchtowers.
  • Closed some areas in the doors and walls of Mushroom Rock where a player could see into areas that should be sealed off.

Items Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused some Epic Force Deploy Modules to be incorrectly marked as rare quality.

Instance Bug Fixes

  • One of the Scorcher eggs in Operation Miru would sometimes spawn in a location that players could not reach. This egg’s spawn location has been moved to an accessible area.

ARES Job Bug Fixes

  • The Hostage – The exploding weapons shipment will now be more apparent to players.
  • Holmgang Tournament: Round 4 – Van Uzi – Resolved an issue which was causing server-wide lag when Van Pistol was present in the world.

Crafting Bug Fixes

  • Customization components can now be properly added to Healing Pillar via crafting.
  • Custom Potent items will now have proper spacing in their name.
  • Turret Mode can now be crafted using components which adjust Force (Energized, Forceful, etc.).

User Interface Bug Fixes

  • Adjusting the player’s UI will no longer cause crafting components to be cut off in the crafting menus.
  • Players will now be able to filter item rarity in the marketplace while playing on the German client.
  • All players in an army can now properly view the player notes. Previously, players could only view a tooltip window for their own character.*