Patch Notes v1-2-1843

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Released on 2014/12/9
Patch version V1.2.1843
Is hotfix No

Patch Highlights

  • We have added a brand new Campaign Tokens system which will reward players a token each time they finish a campaign instance on hardcore difficulty. These tokens can be spent for awesome rewards including primary weapons, secondary weapons, modules and more!
  • The Brontodon King has made his thunderous appearance known! Gather your friends and take the fight to the King, his herd and those pesky poachers who are attempting to capitalize upon his arrival.
  • Players will now be able to decide what bonuses their crafted items have by using our new “Crafting Components” system. In this system players can craft an item which is added to the original recipe to predetermine what modifier will be attached to the manufactured item.
  • Players are now able to make use of our “Looking for Squad” (LFS) system. This system takes players who are seeking other pilots to party up with and matches them into instance or activity groups.

Battleframes & Combat

Battleframe Perks

  • Two new damage reduction perks have been added to the basic perks tier and damage reduction perks have received a balance pass.
  • New Perk: Antifreeze Nanogel – Reduces damage taken from ice damage types by 15%
  • Micro Melding Repulsor now reduces damage taken from melding damage types by 15%
  • Neutralizer now reduces damage taken from poison damage types by 15%
  • Incalescent Armor now reduces damage taken from fire and plasma damage types by 15%
  • Powered Armor now reduces damage taken from energy damage types by 15%.
  • Kinetic Absorption now reduces damage taken from kinetic damage types by 15%. Kinetic damage is caused by melee, bullets and explosives.
    • Blast damage will now be included under the “Kinetic” damage type, rather than its own separate resist.
  • Magnetic Shielding now reduces damage taken from plasma and bullet damage types by 10%
  • Insulated Armor now reduces damage taken from ice and fire damage types by 10%
  • Melding Converter now reduces damage taken from melding damage types by 15%. After taking melding damage the user will heal 5% of their maximum health over 4 seconds. The healing effect has a 10 second internal cooldown before it can activate again.
  • Feedback Circuits now reduces damage taken from energy damage types by 15%. After the player is damaged by energy damage from an enemy, the enemy who attacked the player will take 20% of the damage dealt back to them.
  • Plasma Scoops now reduces damage taken from plasma damage types by 15%. After taking plasma damage the player will receive bonus energy regeneration for 4 seconds. The energy regeneration effect has a 10 second internal cooldown before it can activate again.
  • Extinguisher no longer has a base damage reduction. Upon taking fire damage from a hostile source the player will take 50% reduced fire damage for 4 seconds.
  • Ventilator no longer has a base damage reduction. Upon taking poison damage form a hostile source the player will take 50% reduced poison damage for 4 seconds.
  • Sentient Armor will now activate from damage dealt by plasma, energy and melding damage as well.

Battleframe Perk Bug Fixes

  • An issue which caused Melding Converter to activate inconsistently has been fixed.
  • Feedback Circuit will now apply the damage feedback more reliably.


Tigerclaw Bug Fixes

  • The Necro Fusion Cannon’s alt-fire will now benefit from the use of charge modules.

Accord Biotech

  • Triage now grants a speed boost rather than damage reduction on use. If an ally is revived while using Triage the speed boost is converted to a damage reduction and the duration of triage is refreshed.


Recluse Bug Fixes

  • The Bio-Crossbow’s alt-fire cloud visual effects will now scale properly with the radius of the attack.

Accord Dreadnaught

  • Heavy Armor has been updated:
    • Players will now receive a 20% snare effect when using Heavy armor.
    • The snare effect will scale up with added Force; the higher the mitigation the slower the player will move.
    • This snare has been added to Reflective Armor as well.
  • New ability: Rapid Armor
    • Rapid Armor provides higher base damage mitigation than Heavy Armor, without a snare effect, but is limited by charges.
    • Each charge lasts for 1 second base, increased with duration modules.
    • The number of charges can be increased through deployment modules.
    • This is affected by Resonating Shields but at an increase of .5 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
      • This ability is meant to be more of a skill-based, reactive armor which you quickly trigger to prevent a large spike of damage rather than using it as a tanking mechanism.


Mammoth Bug Fixes

  • Necro Plasma HMGs will now properly apply splash radius on alt-fire.

Accord Recon

Accord Recon Bug Fixes

  • Advanced Decoy will now attack enemy players in PvP and the distance it would attack has been increased from 30 meters to 100 meters.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Advanced Decoy from using the full damage potential of the equipped weapon.


Nighthawk Bug Fixes

  • Ambush will now properly reset 10 seconds after falling off of SIN. Previously the cooldown would not start until the player had shot a target.


Bastion Bug Fixes

  • The Burrowing Sticky Grenade Launcher will no longer deal AOE damage to players from a long distance when stuck to a friendly NPC.


  • Boomerang Shot now benefits from the use of Augmented Shield Generators.

Electron Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Resonating Shields from working with Boomerang Shot and Shock Rail’s alt-fire.

Open World

  • Players will now receive in game mails explaining upcoming zones.
    • These mails will be sent based on player level or a player entering a new area for the first time.
    • Please note: The first time a maximum level player logs in they will receive the mails retroactively.
  • Water splashing visual effects will now be displayed more consistently when players drive a vehicle through medium to deep water.
  • Chosen Snipers will now use laser sights to line up their shots. Players are advised to avoid looking directly into the light.

Dynamic Events

Brontodon King

  • The Brontodon King is on the loose! While players are exploring certain regions of Sertao and Coral Forest they might encounter this colossal beast and his herd…along with the hopeless poachers that hope to take him down. The Brontodon king has a stomp so devastating it breaks the earth and a roar so powerful it brings people to their knees. It will take a large group of skilled ARES pilots to bring down this rampaging beast, approach with extreme caution.


Campaign Tokens

  • Campaign Tokens are a currency rewarded by completing hardcore versions of instanced Campaign Missions and Operations.
  • Campaign Tokens can be spent at three new vendors in Kanaloa Research Station.
    • They are housed in the bunker next to the SIN Tower, where the entrance tunnel to the Kanaloa raid is located. This bunker has been given a face lift to house them.
  • These vendors sell level 40 rare weapons, modules, and crafting customization component blueprints, among other things.
  • When a player completes a campaign mission on hard mode for the first time that day, they will receive a Campaign Token in the reward notification screen at the end of the mission.
    • Calendar day is based on GMT. This means it currently resets at 4:00 PM PST.
    • There are currently 7 missions eligible to grant Campaign Tokens. This means it will be possible to earn up to 7 tokens on a given calendar day.
    • Scott Rudi, Design Manager, has created a forum post detailing our plans for converting the old Campaign and Titan Tokens here.


  • New rewards have been added to campaign missions 1-7.
  • These rewards are rare quality and will be granted to the players during the mission success screen.
  • The rewards are distributed in the same style as Operation: Miru, meaning that players will not have to roll against other players to receive their reward, though the items are not a 100% drop rate.
  • There are normal and hardcore difficulty versions of each reward.
  • The first time a player runs the normal mode of a campaign mission they have a 100% chance to receive one of these rewards.
    • Please note: If you have already completed these campaign missions prior to the patch, you will not receive the “First Run” reward if you complete the mission again after the patch.
  • Blackwater Anomaly has also received some alterations to available loot.
    • Rewards from defeating the Necronus will no longer need to be rolled for in a group.
    • The rewards that are available to earn are now all blue quality, the uncommon and epic level rewards have been removed from this reward set.

A brand new looking for squad (LFS) tool has been added to the game.

  • The LFS tool can be accessed via the social menu (default “o” key).
  • Using this tool, players can search for groups for either campaign missions or open world activities.
  • When players search for an instance group, all players will be transported inside the instance once a match is found.
  • Players can queue for multiple options at once. The first option that finds a group will alert the player via notification.

Broken Peninsula

  • The RX1 Resource Hauler’s hit points have been increased by 33%.
  • Executed players will now spawn a random power-up instead of always spawning a cooldown power-up.


  • Players can now obtain Customization Components which let the player decide what modifier they would like on their crafted item in place of the randomized modifier.
    • Players can obtain the ability to craft Customization Components via research or via recipes on voucher vendors.
    • Please note: Some components do not work with, and cannot be slotted into, certain abilities and weapons. These items do not currently exist in-game and were not possible to achieve through drops or RNG crafting (an example would be the Deployment prefix component into an Afterburner ability). We are working to add these components, where appropriate, and allow them to be crafted in the near future.
  • Hybrid recipes will now cost 75% less to manufacture.
    • The required number of hybrids required to manufacture items has been increased by 100%.
    • The overall cost change will be a 50% reduction in cost of Hybrids for each recipe.
    • Currently existing hybrid resources will be converted at a 1:4 ratio. Meaning players will receive 4 hybrid resources for every 1 hybrid resource they currently have in their inventory.
    • The time to manufacture hybrid resources has been decreased by 66%.
  • The Melded Power Cell recipe has been moved to the Mission Items category.
  • If players attempt to craft more items than they have resources for, the slider bar will turn to red after the player passes the amount of materials they possess.
  • The numbers representing amount available and the amount required when crafting an object have been reversed.
    • If a player has 1 piece of iron but requires 4 pieces of iron they will now see 1/4 materials instead of 4/1.


  • Item name text for Chilled Cryogenic and Freezing Cryogenic weapons will no longer overlap with itself.

User Interface

  • The social window is now loaded from the client’s side instead of the web.
  • Players can now set notes for their friends via the friends list.
  • Chat will now work more consistently when the world map is open.
  • When viewing the world map while using Eye Infinity, the side bars outside of the normal map area will appear black.
  • The player’s location arrow will now continuously update direction while the world map is open.
  • The Zone Control Bonuses section on the world map has been removed as it is no longer applicable.
  • The player’s “Loadout” section in the Battleframe Garage has been renamed to “Character Overview”.


  • SLI performance has received an optimization pass and players who use SLI should see noticeable improvements in performance.
  • Overall performance increases have been implemented by optimizing the virtual texturing and environment map rendering systems.
    • Please note that if you are experiencing low frame rates due to being CPU bound you will not likely see much improvement. However players who are GPU bottlenecked should see improved frame rates and performance.

Bug Fixes

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused NPC Firecats to deal plasma damage instead of fire damage.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing players to be unable to add turrets to SIN.

Instance Bug Fixes

  • Operation Miru
    • The drill shield will now activate properly when the timer reaches zero instead of delaying.
    • Addressed an issue which was allowing Rashnu to become stuck in world geometry.
    • The final lava chamber on the Scorcher path will now kill players when the room floods with lava.
    • Fixed an issue which was preventing the “Devils Cache” achievement from updating properly.
    • Fixed a hole inside Operation Miru which would allow players to exit the play space.
  • Crash Down – In Hardcore mode, after collecting the dropship parts the waypoint will now spawn in the proper location.

ARES Jobs Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo of “Copacbana” during “SIN Uplink: Copacabana (Take 2)”.

User Interface Bug Fixes

  • The swirling animation which shows players new items in their inventory will once again be appearing.
  • Opening the escape menu while on the loading screen will now properly display the menu.
  • Pressing the enter key while a notification window is open will no longer accept the notification or roll need if the notification is a loot roll window.
  • The first time a player opens the manufacturing screen the proper amount of workbenches will now be displayed.
  • Removed the test achievement “Operation Test Break Chose Totem” from the achievement list.
  • If a player has customized the size of the incoming radio transmission portraits, the settings will now persist after a relog or map change.*